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Lizzie Dripping Lizzie Dripping

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Little Gems - Lizzie Dripping by Helen Cresswell

This little adventure series was based on the books by the talented children's author "Helen Cresswell" who also wrote "The Winter of the Birds," "Dragon Ride" and the brilliant "Moondial." The latter of the three in addition to Lizzie Dripping was turned into a television serial which even today enchants children of all ages. In fact a ninety-minute radio adaptation of Moondial was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001. Lizzie Dripping first appeared as a Pilot episode via a story on the "Jackanory Playhouse" back in December 1972. The title was "Lizzie Dripping and the Orphans." This too was written by Helen Cresswell and a supporting narration by Hannah Gordon. Lizzie Dripping was then televised by the BBC and after the pilot episode, eight further episodes over two seasons were shown between 1973 and 1975. Two books that I have of Lizzie Dripping along with the cover of the VHS story are shown below:

Lizzie Dripping Lizzie Dripping Lizzie Dripping Video
Puffin release 1984 VHS BBC in 1990

Season One
Lizzie Dripping and the Witch Tuesday 13th March 1973
Lizzie Dripping Black Sunday Tuesday 20th March 1973
Lizzie Dripping Runs Away Tuesday 27th March 1973
Lizzie Dripping and the Leek Nobblers Tuesday 3rd April 1973
Season Two
Lizzie Dripping and the Little Angel Thursday 27th February 1975
Lizzie Dripping Tries a Spell Thursday 5th March 1975
Lizzie Dripping By the Sea Thursday 12th March 1975
Lizzie Dripping Says Good-bye Thursday 19th March 1975

The series centered around a young girl who was considered by her parents (and indeed everyone else in the village) to be a bit of a dreamer. Lizzie's mother was a bit lazy and would often expect Lizzie to do lots of work especially when it came to chores around the house and looking after her little brother. Lizzie's father was by trade a blacksmith but he spent most of his time fixing drains and guttering around the village. Lizzie's Gramma lived next door and although she could moan with the best of them she often helped Lizzie out of tight fixes. The family dog was called Towser. Lizzie lived in the village of Little Hemlock and Lizzie was special as she had a companion who was a Witch. She discovered the Witch in a an old graveyard. This companion could only be seen Lizzie although many of the actions of the Witch were seen by others. The Witch, although friendly was a constant source of amusement and surprise for Lizzie. The Witch also had a slightly darker side to her and would occasionally be a problem for Lizzie. A real trouble maker was the Aunt Blodwen who would always be popping round for tea or a gossip. She generally thought she was of a higher standing than Lizzie's family and she was was of a Welsh origin. The eight episodes made each lasted just under 25 minutes or so.

Lizzie (real name Penelope Arbuckle) was played by a very young Tina Heath Image of Tina Heath - star of Lizzie Dripping who was actually in her teens when she played the twelve year old character. Tina was an instant hit with children who loved the show and BBC was quick to recognise the potential of the young actress. She later joined the BBC's flagship program Blue Peter in 1979 as a presenter. Tina made television history on two days for Blue Peter. She became the first (and only I think) presenter to become pregnant and inform the viewers live on television. Secondly she was the first and only presenter to have a live ultrasound performed in the studio. A bold but brilliant move by the BBC as it opened up a new world for the program since prior to this event, babies, giving birth etc. had been a taboo subject for children. Tina remained with the program until the middle of 1980 when she left to give birth and take care of her newborn child, Gemma. A short time later in Tina reappeared on the show with her new daughter.


Lizzie Dripping
Lizzie Dripping (Penelope Arbuckle)
The Lamb (Toby)
The Witch
The Witch
Albert Arbuckle
Patty Arbuckle
Aunt Blodwen
Aunt Blodwen Cole

If anyone recognises themselves or was part of the production team and would like to add to the file, I would love to hear from you.

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Lizzie Dripping Lizzie Dripping and the Little Angel Lizzie Dripping Tries a Spell Lizzie Dripping By the Sea
Lizzie Dripping Main Page Lizzie Dripping and the Little Angel Lizzie Dripping Tries a Spell Lizzie Dripping By the Sea


Written by Helen Cresswell from the novel "Lizzie Dripping and The Witch."
Lizzie Dripping played by Tina Heath
Jonathan Keith Allingham
The Witch Sonia Dresdel
Albert Arbuckle Geoffrey Matthews
Patty Arbuckle Barbara Mitchell
Toby Candida Lucy Rowe
Aunt Blodwen Jane Lowe
Gramma Sheila Raynor
The Dog Towser
Mayor Graham Roberts
Little Witch Caroline Rowe
Bear David Barson
Organiser Tom Georgeson
Children The Leicester Children's Holiday Home
Production Assistant Janie Griffiths
Make-up Jean MacMillan
Costume Designer Ann Beverley
Sound recordist Bill Wild
Film Cameraman Elmer Cossey
Dubbing Mixer Stan Morcom
Film Editor Peter Barber
Designer David Crozier
Produced by Angela Beeching
Executive Producer Anna Home
Directed by Paul Stone

Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits

Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits

Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits Lizzie Dripping End Credits