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Marine Boy title Marine Boy title Marine Boy title

Marine Boy title Marine Boy title Marine Boy title

Marine Boy title Marine Boy title Marine Boy title

Click here to listen to the Theme music (start - Real audio file 179Kb)

The lyrics are:

"It's Marine Boy,

Brave and Free!

Fighting evil 'neath the sea.

He is a boy, a very special boy

Powered by propeller shoes, flying Sub ahoy!

Whooshing through the water on a friendly dolphin's back

Racing to the rescue of victims of attack.

In a flash, he'll foil the foe

With a quick boomerang throw!

Loyal friend of the sea to the end

Is our Marine Boy."

Doo doo doo doo doo etc.

Click here to listen to the Theme music (end - Real audio file 39Kb)

Little Gems - Marine Boy

This has been a long time coming to the site but finally after some cleaning up of the images, Marine Boy has made it to the screen.

Marine Boy was originally produced some time in the mid to late sixties in Japan. The episode information at the end suggests 1967 was the initial release date but it may have been earlier than that as I do not know the order of episode release. According to the Radio Times (thanks to John Archbold) BBC1 showed Marine Boy on the 5th February 1969. There were several seasons of Marine Boy totalling at least 78 episodes. They were all dubbed into English and each episode lasted about 25 mins and was shot in colour.

Marine Boy worked for the Ocean Patrol Marine Headquarters. His father was called Dr. Mariner although we never got to hear him call Marine Boy by his real name (assuming of course he had one). His father often referred to him as son or Marine Boy and was especially concerned when Marine Boy was out of contact for any length of time. Marine boy always wore an orange water suit made out of a special material to give him protection from bullets and blasts. His main weapon was a powerful yellow boomerang that he kept in a pouch on his arm. This boomerang was often the device that saved the day. Marine Boy swims or literally shot through the water faster than almost anything else, by virtue of his water jet powered propeller boots. These just like the boomerang were developed by the genius, Professor Fimble. Marine boy was able to remain underwater for great periods of time by another Professor Fimble's inventions - oxygen producing chewing gum called ‘oxygum.’ Occasionally Marine Boy was seen slipping a small strip into his mouth before leaving the Ocean Patrol Boat and entering the water.

Splasher was the name of a small white dolphin which was Marine Boy's best friend. Splasher often came to the aid of Marine Boy. Neptina was a mermaid and she too helped Marine Boy in his fight against the bad guys. Neptina had a large magic pearl around her neck that had special powers. It allowed her to locate Marine boy when he was lost or has been captured by the bad guys. Cli Cli was the name of a small boy who often tried to help Marine Boy but usually ended up getting everyone into a mess (including himself). Cli Cli secretly wanted to be a smaller version of Marine Boy - bit like Batman and Robin.

Marine boy was always accompanied by two other friends called Bolton and Piper. They too were employed by the Ocean Patrol Marine Group. Bolton was a large aggressive angry looking bloke, whilst Piper was an easily frightened but easy going sort of guy.

There was always some problem with the ocean and it was always down to some bad guy wanting to make vast amounts of money or wanting to take over the world. Of course Marine Boy and his friends would always defeat them and save the day. The show tried to be environmentally friendly but always tried to ally technological progress with marine life. It never seemed to quite work for the bad guys though. This show was light years ahead of Seaquest DSV which took on board similar ideas from the show.

Anyone with any memories, thoughts, suggestions etc. or if you were involved in the making of Marine Boy (technical or actor), then I would love to hear from you using the address in the top menu bar.


Marine Boy
Marine Boy
Bolton or Bulton (not sure)
Dr. Mariner (Marine Boy's father)
Dr. Mariner (Marine Boy's father)
Professor Fimble
Professor Fumble
The Ocean Patrol Boat
The Ocean Patrol Boat
The lifesaving boomerang
Wrist Watch radio
The infamous underwater wrist transmitter
Suit of armour
The impenetrable Suit
A Bad Guy
Another bad guy
Even More Bad Guys
Definitely a bad guy

Episode List

Only one episode done at the moment but more will follow.

Episode 1
Panic in the Pacific
Coming soon Episode 2
The Stolen Island
Coming soon Episode 3
Rustlers of the Deep
Coming soon Episode 4
Piracy under the Sea
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4

Other episodes in the series included:

Showdown at Sea Panic in the Pacific 24 Hours to Doom The Phoney Patrolman Monster of the Deep Dangerous Starfish The Ghost of Destruction
Saga of the Underwater Lion Attack of the Robot Spiders The Stolen Island The Ultra Freezer Freeze Dangerous Shell Fish The Great Bomb Robbery The Whale That Blows Rainbow
The Mini Microwave Menace of the Missing Bomb The Invincible Robots The Green Monster Operation Deep Deep Attack of the Robot Sharks Danger at 300 Fathoms
The Tremendous Tremendo The Great Plankton Menace The Vanishing Vessel The Ghost Ship Red Menace Fight For The Rocket The Precious Robot
Ghost of Spook Island Challenge of the Pirates The Well Hidden Plan Film Flame On The High Seas Nuclear Pirates The Terrifying Icebergs Whales of Destruction
The Desperate Search Underworld Rustlers of the Deep Raid of the Robot Robbers Power of Power The Gigantic Sea Farm 5 Billion in Diamonds Mission At Corkscrew Strait
The Fantastic Flesh The Monster Search Underwater Terror of the Fireball The Mysterious Paradise The Monstrous Seaweed Mystery of the Missing Vessels The Secret of the Golden Seaweed
The Stormy Brainstorm Avenger of the Sea The Deadly Tank Deepest of the Deep The Great Underwater Train Robbery The Super Mystery Boat Disaster On The High Sea
The Gill Men Vikings Attack of the Icebergs Land of the Strange Secret of the Time Capsule Danger In The Depths Lighthouse of Terror The Invincible Force
The Great Escape The Empire of the Sea Thieves of the Deep Riddle of the Vanishing Frogmen The Wild Monster Plant Battle to Save the World The Greatest Power on Earth
The Dragon of the Sea Piracy Under the Sea The Super Brain Capers The Genius Dolphin The Tub Tanker Sub


Marine Boy, Neptina, Splasher, Bolton, Professor Fimble, Piper, Dr. Mariner, Clicli Corinne Orr, Jack Curtis, Jack Grimes, Peter Fernandez
Dialogue Adapted and Directed by Peter Fernandez
Theme music Kenjiro Hirose
Background Music Setsuo Tsukahara
Character Designer Yuichi Fukuhara
Art Director Akira Tomita
Animation and Artworks Japan Tele-Cartoon Inc
Produced by Minoru Adachi
Directed by Haruo Osanai
Written by Haruo Osanai
Production Coordinated by Zavala-Riss Production
In association with K. Fujita Associates Inc

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End Credits