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Marine Boy Marine Boy Marine Boy

Episode 1 - Panic in the Pacific

Marine Boy and the good guys are out and about in their super duper all singing all dancing futuristic flying water jet thing - called an Ocean Patrol Boat (OPB). It is a foggy day and the guys expect something awful to be happening. There's always trouble when there's fog. As it turns out, they are quite right to be concerned. A man called Mr. Wingspan is testing an experimental aircraft capable of vertical take from the sea. He is using the fog as a cover so no one will see the secret test plane. All is going well with the test but the progress is being monitored by a bad guy (so many of these that often they did not have names). The bad guy in today's episode is using his hyper infra red telescopic viewer to penetrate the fog and watch the secret flight test. Our bad guy intends to steal the technology and make vast sums of money. With a press of a button he summons some awful organic structure from the depths which naturally attacks the test ship. We later learn that the attacker is a synthetic jelly leach monster. Even Splasher is almost caught by it.

Out and about in the Ocean Patrol Boat The guys expect trouble since there is a fog bank The experimental aircraft fires its engines

The test uis being watched by hooded bad guys The creature is summoned The business men do not know what is coming

The ship is attacked and dragged down The ship cannot hold on for much longer - where is Marine Boy when you need him Too late

Marine Boy and the OPB fire missiles at the monster stuff but is does not work and only ends up creating more of the monsters. Marine Boy thus dives into the water and deals with the jelly monsters with his famous electrifying boomerang. This works and for the moment he stops the monsters. Marine Boy then sees Splasher and his little friend. Splasher rescued a small seal like creature which was being chased by the jelly monster. The little seal pup look a like (Marine Boy calls him a Tuburb or something), then steals Marine Boy's boomerang and swims deep under the sea. The pair come close to an old wreck beneath the sea. The wreck is only a disguise for inside hides the main ship of the evil bad guy. Marine Boy swims after the seal but gets hit by knock out gas and is captured by the bad guys who are waiting for him.

The boys are astonished at the scale of the monster Big yellow polka dot monster The OPB is almost caught

Loads of them Bad guy Marine Boy is surrounded - will he ever escape ?

Marine Boy and Splasher Splasher's new friend Marine Boy is captured

When the designer (Mr. Wingspan) of the vertical take off ship is captured by the supreme bad guy, he is taken before him by the guards. Mr. Wngspan is astonished to see that the bad guy has taken on the exact look of Mr. Wingspan. The bad guys real name is Mr. Taigoon and just happens to look like Mr. Wingspan once he has applied his mask. To anyone else they would appear as though they were twins. The bad guy though is impersonating Mr. Wingspan so that he can take over the world and make oodles of cash. Later that day, the monsters are ordered to attack local harbours and industries. The devastation is vast and an emergency meeting is held to determine what can be done. Mr. Wingspan (really the bad guy) attends and shows the attendees his new flying ship and how it can bypass the monsters. The business men all agree to buy hundreds of these ships as trade with the world must continue. The evil plan is beginning to work, if only Marine Boy was not around to mess things up.

Splasher seeks help Neptina uses her magic pearl to locate Marine boy Marine Boy is being held in an old ship

Splasher needs help to rescue Marine boy and so seeks Neptina the mermaid. Neptina uses her magic pearl to find the location of Marine Boy. For some reason her pearl cannot penetrate the old wooden ship which leads her to believe the the ship is in disguise and must be made out of some special metal alloy. The trio eventually find the ship and the Tububba goes inside the help. With the Tububba's help, Marine Boy is able to get to his boomerang and then all hell breaks loose. The guards shoot at Marine Boy but bullets cannot harm him, his wings are like a shield of..... sorry wrong cartoon there. Marine Boy's suit cannot be penetrated by bullets. Marine Boy destroys the jelly monster control unit and the beasties go berserk attacking their evil master's ship. The ship is torn apart and all on board are destroyed. Marine Boy then saves Mr. Wingspan and deals with the monsters. Eventually all is well, the bad guys are defeated and the jelly monster is destroyed.

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