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Tom's Midnight Garden was BBC drama at its best - forget what you see today - nothing, absolutely nothing compares to this 1989 version adapted by Julia Jones. The book written by Philippa Pearce has been a children's favourite for many years. It was first published in 1958 by Oxford University Press and since 1976 it has been published by Puffin books. The first television version appeared on our screens in 1968 closely followed by another version in 1974. The BBC adaptation by Julia Jones was originally transmitted from the 4th January 1989 to the 8th February 1989 on BBC1. It was shown on BBC1 at 17:05 to 17:35 and was opposite Dramarama-Snap Decision (16:45) and Blockbusters (17:15) on ITV (stiff competition - I don't think). Tom proved an instant hit with youngsters and adults alike. Most of the adventures took place in a huge house and garden (identity not known). The garden is assumed to be in Cambridgeshire as the village of Ely (13 or so miles north of Cambridge) is part of story. The six part series concerned the tale of a small boy (Tom played by Jeremy Rampling) and Hatty (played by Caroline Waldron) in England. Tom lives with his mother, father and brother called Peter. Peter has measles.....well we won't go into that now as you can discover the story using the navigation images at the bottom of the page. This series has stood the test of time for over twenty years and will always remain an example of BBC drama at its very best.

Characters from Tom's Midnight Garden
Tom's mum
Tom's Mum

Uncle Alan
Uncle Alan
Aunt Gwen
Aunt Gwen
Peter (Tom's brother)
Peter (with measles)
The Bike repair man
House Tenant
Able the gardener
Able the gardener
Hatty (older)
Hatty (much older)
Susan the house maid
Susan the maid
Aunt Grace (nasty peice of work)
Aunt Grace
Chestnut man
Chestnut seller
Hatty just after her parents had died
Hatty (very young)
Edgar - another nasty piece of work
Hubert (oldest of the boys)
The church guide
Church guide
Pincher the dog

Tom Long Jeremy Rampling
Hatty Caroline Waldron
Mrs. Long Sarah Jane McKechnie
Uncle Alan Shaughan Seymour
Aunt Gwen Isabelle Amyes
Mrs. Bartholomew (old Hatty) Renee Asherson
Peter Simon Fenton
Abel the gardener Richard Garnett
Barty Gareth Kirkland
James Noah Huntley
Aunt Grace Katherine Schofield
Edgar Edward Sibley
Hubert Ashley Clark
Older James Richard Cripwell
Little Hatty Miranda Burton
Susan the maid Tessa Burnbridge
Biker man in yard Kevin Francis
Roast Chestnut seller Bill Kerry
Verger Patrick Burker
Man with dog Will Club

Credits for Tom's Midnight Garden

The televised credits can be found here

Written by Philippa Pearce
Adapted for television by Julia Jones
Stuntwoman Tracey Eddon
Music Paul Reade
Production managers Pauline Smithson / Sheila Atha
Production assistant Mary Baxter
Assistant floor managers Gail Berryman / Nick Wood
Property Buyer Barbara Horne
Animals supplied by First Choice Animals
Graphic designer Sarah Dewis
Vision Mixers Mary Kellehar / Kathryn Randall
Studio Camera Supervisor Dave White
Video effects Adam McInnes
Vision Supervisor Steve Chapman
Video-tape editor Phil Southby
Visual effects designer Malcolm James
Costume designer John Hearne
Make-up Design Ann Ailes Stevenson
Technical Co-ordinator Nick Moore
Studio Sound Chick Anthony
Studio Lighting Harry Bradley
OB Sound Martin Broadfoot
OB Camera Mike Winser / Paul Harding
OB Lighting John Mason
Designer Gwen Evans
Producer Paul Stone
Director Christine Secombe

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