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All aboard!!!! "All aboard the SkylArk,
............all aboard the SkylArk..."
All aboard!!!!

Who doesn't remember those immortal words shouted by Noah in a Little Gem of a kiddie's program at tea time, nor forget that the animals didn't come on two by two, but one by two, for each animal had two heads. What a concept!

If you remember, Noah was "Nutty", Niggly Nelly always knitted them out of problems whilst whenever the animals said something, their other head always corrected, agreed or disagreed with itself as you can see from the images below.


Narrated by Richard Briers and Peter Hawkins, Noah and Nelly in the SkylArk dates from the 1970's and episodes ran for just over four minutes. This program created by Grange Calvaley. Truly, this was a bright, fun program for children of all ages.

We present the theme tune, a list of characters, rogues gallery, fifteen episode guides, a short synopsis of each and credits, all which are presented below.

© Roobarb Enterprises 1974

Noah and Nelly's soundtrack

Click on this image to listen to the theme tune (zipped mp3)

Rogues Gallery and List of Characters

Nutty Noah
Nutty Noah
Niggly Nelly

Humphrey the pigs
Cedric the crocodiles
Ahmed the camels
Maureen the giraffe
Rose the elephants
George the rhinos
Cynthia the snakes
Brian the lions
William the hippos
Ronald the gorillas
Mildred the geese
Cyril the tigers

The SkylArk underwater The SkylArk in the air

The SkylArk on land The SkylArk all at sea

The adaptable SkylArk

That blank map

The always, blank

Episode Guide

Click on the appropriate title image for a short synopsis and loads more pictures...

Episode No. Title Summary
 1 Episode 1 Learn the secret to Noah's financial strategy.
 2 Episode 2 Noah and Nelly encounter many problems with clocks.
 3 Episode 3 The search is on for breakfast tea.
 4 Episode 4 Does the SkylArk go into the future or the past with Ahmed's fortune telling.
 5 Episode 5 Nothing is up with the umbrella's so its down to Nelly to save the day.
 6 Episode 6 Does the wind blow on the moon? Only with Nelly's help of course.
 7 Episode 7 Nelly's needles help some Toby Jugs in crisis.
 8 Episode 8 George the Rhino helps change the bad weather to good.
 9 Episode 9 Nelly helps put the fun into the funfair.
 10 Episode 10 Does Noah avoid working?
 11 Episode 11 Nelly helps the door knockers with sore heads.
 12 Episode 12 Can the Hobby Horses race again?
 13 Episode 13 Who has the last laugh in Jokesville.
 14 Episode 14 Is it Shakespeare? No, its most definitely knot.
 15 Episode 15 In TV land, old news is better than no news.

Program Credits:

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Credits Credits Credits

Credits Credits Credits

Noah and Nelly's - Skylark Race Game - A Milton Bradley Company - Copydate Ltd 1976

A Noah and Nelly board game came out in 1976 (scans shown below). The game was for 2-4 players and extremely easy to play. The game board places to visit included locations from the actual animated series:

Land of the Tobyjugs

Land of the Clockwork Teddybears

Land of the Hobbyhorses

Land of the Doorknockers

Noah and Nelly Board Game

Noah and Nelly Board Game

Noah and Nelly Board Game