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All aboard!!!!! "All aboard the SkylArk,
............all aboard the SkylArk..."
All aboard!!!!

Episode Synopsis

1. During a savings week

Unahppy money A knitted piggy bank The deck of cards

Noah and Nelly discuss their poor finances, deciding that what they haven't got, won't worry them.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

The SkylArk goes underwater and finds buried treasure in the shape of unhappy gold coins. One of them, Old Bob complains of nightly gambling raids and Nelly decides to make a stand by knitting a giant piggy bank for the coins to hide in. The gamblers arrive in the form of mean looking playing cards, but they are persuaded instead to do something more worthwhile and the cards form themselves into a pyramid.

2. During the time we were there

Cuckoo land Knitted Cuckoos The real cuckoos return

The clock has stopped on the SkylArk and the animals attempts to count the passing time cause Nelly lose count of her knitting. Something must be done!

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

The SkylArk trip takes them to Cuckoo land where all the houses have clocks but no cuckoos. The birds have flown to warmer climes. Nelly's solution to knit them replacements is a great success to all but a large cuckoo who returns home to find himself replaced. Time to fly.

3. During tea

Where's Noah's tea Striking tea Noah's cup of oil

Noah and the animals are tired waiting for breakfast to be served and decide to go out to a cafe, which was Nelly's plan all along.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

When they arrive, a dainty silver spoon informs them that the geysers have broken down, so no tea. Nelly knits up a solution, drilling rigs, which the animals operate and successfully strike tea. Everyone but Noah is happy because he has instead got a cup of North Sea Oil.

4. During a long time ago

What the future holds In the stone age The sounds of 1923

The SkylArk enters the mystic realm as Noah watches Ahmed gazing into a crystal ball. Where is the grass greener? Somewhere in the future it seems, so off they set.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

When the SkylArk arrives the grass is actually blue. Stone statues inform them that they are stuck in the past, the stone age in fact. Noah instructs Nelly to knit some instruments for the animals to play. Now the statues can listen to the sounds of 1923 as the SkylArk sails away.

5. During a stay at the reservoir desert

Umberella land Nellys knitted wishing well It's raining

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

The SkylArk lands at the reservoir desert where they find some moaning umbrellas. Noah enquires what is up and that is just it - nothing. There has been no rain so the umbrella's have had nothing to do. Nelly knits up a well. Rose is instructed to blow the water out over the desert. This is to the delight of the umbrellas but not for Nelly as the water causes her knitting to shrink.

6. During something and nothing

Planting the flag The fan machine Jumping over the moon

Rose, whilst trying to hang a photograph, drills through the wall and into the Ark's map, thus solving the problem of where to go that day.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

Their trip takes them to a planet in outer space where Nelly plants a knitted Union Jack into the surface. Two spacemen appear and point out that they haven't been able get any wind to blow their flag, the Stars and Stripes. Nelly as ever saves the day by knitting a woollen fan to help blow the flags.

7. During a smashing time

'C' land Unhappy Toby Jugs Knitted handles for the now happy Toby Jugs

The recent weather has not been good. The wind is continually blowing the SkylArk backwards and forwards. Nutty Noah likes this but Nelly is not impressed and wants it to stop. Nutty Noah with the help of Cyril decide to go somewhere on the map.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

Off goes the SkylArk and soon arrives at a most peculiar place. The land around them is littered with strange 'C' shaped objects. The SkylArk crew soon find out that the 'C's are in fact broken handles from Toby Jugs. An earthquake broke them all off and the jugs are most upset as they cannot party without handles. Nelly gets down to business and uses the SkylArk sail to make knitted handles for the miserable Toby Jugs. She saves the day and much fun is had by all.

8. During a very wet spell

The Weather Clock Trying to stop the rain Picnic time

The weather is getting really bad now. It is pouring with rain no matter where they go. The crew decide to go 'here' on the map.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

On arriving at their destination, they discover that the reason for the bad weather is that Mr. Weather on the weather clock has been permanently outside making it pour with rain. He tells them that he cannot go inside as the clock doors are made of wood which have warped with the water. Noah wants to head off but Nelly asks George the Rhino break them down. Now Mr. Weather can go inside much to everyone's relief. Mrs. Weather comes out and gets down to some serious gossip with Nelly. Everyone has a picnic in the warm sunshine but the fun doesn't last forever though as Mr. Weather soon comes out and so everyone goes back aboard the SkylArk.

9. During a steam up

No fun at the fair Powering up with Niggly Nelly Noah and the animals on the Rollercoaster

What a commotion !! Nelly cannot make the tea, the animals are arguing about something and nothing. Noah asks them if they want to go to the circus.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

They set off and arrive at a funfair. The fair is at standstill though as it has run out of power. Nelly sets to work, 10 minutes and 10 miles of wool and she has completed knitted electric motors. The funfair now springs to life and everyone has a great time. Soon they all head back to the SkylArk for some tea.

10. During a flower show

Time to decorate the SkylArk Noah will do anything to get out of decorating Not what he wanted

Nelly is in a redecorating mood and Noah is desperately trying to get out of any work. He tells her of a flower show and they both head off to see the map. Nelly wants to go to the flower show and so the crew of the SkylArk make sail.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk".

When they arrive at the show, all the flowers are gloomy and miserable. There is no-one to look after them and all the weeds have come in. Nelly sets about knitting garden tools and Noah starts with the lawnmower. The garden soon looks beautiful and the flowers are able to hold their show. Noah wins first prize in the show but sadly for him his efforts are rewarded not with sweets or chocolate but a decorating set.

11. During a wail of a time

Headaches abound More headaches Knockers at peace

What a racket !! The SkylArk is full of loud noises. Nelly wants to go anywhere for peace and quiet as the animals are arguing. Noah has a bad headache but they set off for destination unknown.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk" they whisper.

On arriving they find that there are lots of door knockers all over the place - they too have headaches. Noah just sits quietly while Nelly begins to knit. We soon get to see what wonders Nelly has created - soft crash helmets for the door knockers. Now they can knock both quietly and gently without making any noise. Noah now feels better and wants a tea party. However, when they knock on the doors to invite people to the party, no one answers as they cannot hear the knocking due to the knitted crash helmets.

12. During a sweep stake

Land of the hobby horses Knitted wheels ahoy Happy horses racing

Noah and Nelly are asleep in bed. The alarm wakes up Nelly who starts knitting but Noah doesn't wake until much later. Realising the time, he heads to the map room and Humphrey selects today's destination.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk!"

When they arrive, they see a strange sight - crying Hobby Horses. They have the 'ump says Noah deciding they need a hobby. The horses inform them that they did, racing, until their wheels wore away. Nelly pulls out her needles and knits a wheel making machine. Rose consumes all the "wheels" before they discover that Nelly has actually constructed a doughnut making machine. So she starts again, this time successfully. The horses are left with the pattern and much wool for the future.

13. During a very funny day

At the seaside Rubber needles are not amusing Joke soap is however!

The SkylArk is perched on a sand dune. Noah wants to spend the day at the seaside, but Nelly, pointing to the empty cupboards says shopping. Noah compromises - shopping at the seaside.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk!"

They arrive at a picturesque beach, but not for long. The view was drawn onto blind which is pulled up by a clown who finds this very funny. Nelly is sent to niggle him and finds out they have arrived in Jokesville where everything is a joke. Nelly disappears in a huff to find the shops. Deciding to knit a picnic blanket she is stumped to find that she has rubber knitting needles. Not to be out done, she gives Noah a telescope she has purchased. This leaves Noah with a black eye and Nelly offers soap to wash it off with, leaving him with a black face. "A very funny day indeed" says Noah.

14. During a visit to the theatre

A night at the theatre On stage Definitely not Shakespeare

Everyone is bored except Noah who is in a strange mood. The animals play darts, and some hit Noah who doesn't notice. Brian throws one which hits the map board, thus selecting the day's destination.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk!"

They find themselves on a stage with a ventriloquist and dummy who have no lines. Noah offers them the Complete Works of Shakespeare which is gratefully received. The ventriloquist and dummy put on a play from the book and start reading. Unexpectedly, the audience laugh because Noah has mistakenly given the ventriloquist the book of Nelly's knitting patterns.

15. During one afternoon

Panto time again Tv land Family filmshow

Nelly's pantomime game is not a success and the animals decide that they would rather go to the cinema. A compromise is reached, they will watch a family film which should keep everyone happy.

"All aboard the SkylArk, all aboard the SkylArk!"

The SkylArk arrives in TV land but there is nothing on the screen but the news and re-runs of old news. The television sets would like to watch a film but there is no projector. Nelly brings out her needles and the situation is soon rectified. The adventures of the SkylArk are shown but all too soon there is a break for the news. Definitely a situation where no news is good news.

And sadly that its for Noah and Nelly, why don't they bring this lovely series back ?.

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