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Pinny's House by Peter Firmin

Pinny and the Bird

Pinny's dress is made of orange silk and her feet are dabs of red paint. Victor is a sailor doll.

One day Jo was playing with the little china house and left it on the carpet. Pinny was very alarmed when she could not see Victor.

As she went out into the hall she was caught by a gust of wind and blown outside under the front door.

Outside she was picked up by a bird collecting nesting material.

Pinny tried to escape using a feather. Some Swallows thought she was a fly. She gently fell to earth and landed on the surface of a small pond.

There she spied Victor. His little boat was stuck in the reeds. Together they paddled top shore.

The crept under the front door and along the hall. They just managed to get inside the house before Jo placed it on the mantelpiece.

Tom eventually found the little boat.

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Pinny's House - Main Page Pinny and the Floppy Frog Pinny and the Bird