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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in 1905 - LWT 1987

In 1987 London Weekend Television produced one of the finest children's dramas to appear on British television or that period. A Little Princess was first published as a book in 1905 by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Several films including one starring Shirley Temple soon followed but the LWT version adapted by Jeremy Burnham is by far the best capturing the acting & screen play adaptation of the BBC at its finest.

The first version of "A Little Princess" appeared in 1951 and was made in black & white and broadcast by the BBC and produced by Naoimi Capon. It had the episodes entitled "Sara arrives at Miss Minchin's"; "The Attic"; "The Indian Gentleman"; The Party"; The Transformation"; & "Sara leaves Miss Minchins." The story was broadcast on a Tuesday 06th November 1951 to 11th December 1951. It starred Patricia Fryer as Sara, Helen Stirling as Miss Minchin, Mary Lincoln as Miss Amelia, David Aylmer as Captain Crewe & John Southgate as Mr. Carrisford.

Another black & white version of the story again made by the BBC appeared in 1957 called "Sara Crewe." This time the production starred Carol Wolveridge as Sara, Rosamund Greenwood as Miss Amelia, David Aylmer as Captain Crewe, Julie Desmond as Lavinia & Peggy Livesey as Miss Minchin. It was broadcast on a Tuesday 30th April 1957 to 04th June 1957. Sara Crewe was adapted by Penelope Know, Designed by Gordon Roland & again produced by Naoimi Capon.

In 1973, the BBC made a colour version called "A Little Princess" starring Deborah Makepeace as Sara, Ruth Dunning as Miss Minchin, Margery Withers as Miss Amelia, Donald Pickering as Captain Crewe and Alison Glennie as Lavinia. This story was dramatised by Jeremy Paul; Script Editor was Alistair Bell; Incidental music was by Dudley Simpson; Designer was Christine Ruscoe; Producer was John McRae & the Director was Derek Martinus.

The LWT 1987 version, helped by a strong cast starring Amelia Shankley (as the soon to be orphan Sara), Maureen Lipman (as the nasty Miss Minchin) and Nigel Havers (Mr. Carrisford - friend of the late Captain Crewe), "A Little Princess" has been a favourite for many years and is still watched by today's generation of children. It was broadcast on a Sunday 18th January 1987 to 22nd February 1987.

Whoever says that the fall of children's television drama is the result of a lack of desire to watch serialised stories is completely wrong. I permitted my children to watch one episode a week and they could not wait for the next part of the story. Good scripts, great acting and a brilliant story more than eclipse CGI, animation, fancy locations and special effects.

Main Characters

Sara Crewe

Miss. Minchin

Mr. Carrisford

Miss. Amelia


Ram Dass

Mr. Carmichael

Mrs. Carmichael

Donald Carmichael


Captain Crewe

Baker's Wife





Captain Crewe's (London agent)









The Story in Six Parts

A Little Princess - Main Page
A Little Princess - Main Page
A Little Princess - Part One A Little Princess - Part Two
A Little Princess - Part Three
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
A Little Princess - Part Four A Little Princess - Part Five
A Little Princess - Part Six
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

A Little Princess


Sara Crewe
Amelia Shankley
Miss Minchin
Maureen Lipman
Nigel Havers
Miss Amelia
Miriam Margolyes
Captain Crewe
David Yelland
Natalie Abbott
Ram Dass
Tarig Alibai
Mr. Carmichael
John Bird
Mrs. Carmichael
Annie Lambert
Johanna Hargreaves
Meera Syal
Baker's Wife
Patsy Rowlands
Alison Reynolds
Katrina Heath
Joanna Dukes
Annette Badland
Monsieur Dufarge
Andre Maranne
John Grille
Marianne Borgo
Jessica Simpson
Christopher Haley
Zoe Mair
Alessia Gwyther
Mia Fothergill
Delivery Boy
Jake Wood
Schoolgirls from
Abacus & Italia Conti
Vision Mixers
Anne Gurney & Daphne Renny
Scenic Artists
David Green & Colin Wright
Casting Director
Lesley Weeks
Graphic Designer
John Tribe
Music Composed by
Rachel Portman
Conducted by
David Snell & Harry Rabinowitz
Floor Manager
Mike Mollan
Stage Manager
Rodney Figaro
Location Production Manager
Martin Bond
Production Manager
Mike Ayres
Senior Cameraman
Dave Taylor
Vision Controller
Sean Moon
Costume Designer
Linda Matlock
Make Up Supervisor
Wendy Brown
Videotape Editor
Clayton Parker
Production Assistant
Marion Poole
Sound Supervisor
Mike Fairman
Lighting Director
Bert Wilkins
Gordon Melhuish
Executive Producer
Nick Elliott
Colin Shindler
Directed By
Carol Wiseman
London Weekend Television