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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in 1905 - LWT 1986

Christmas is over and Sara is again working hard running errands for Cook. She is out shopping when she sees a small coin in the street. She picks it up and is going to buy some food when she sees a small girl. She stops and asks the girl when she last ate. The girl cannot remember so Sara goes into a baker to buy some food for her. Inside the bakers, Sara asks for four buns. She receives the goods and then pays but on examination she notices that the shop owner has put in six. She is a kind woman who will not take them back and wants no money. Sara returns outside and gives the small girl five of the buns and only keeps one for herself. All of this is witnessed by the shop woman who then goes outside to speak to the small girl.

Meanwhile outside the Carmichael's house, the family are waving their father off. He is heading to Russia to try and find the missing person. Sara walks passed as he leaves.

Carrisford hears of Carmichael's leaving. His servant stops him from having any alcohol and then sees Sara in the street. She greets him the Indian way and he remarks to Carrisford that he thinks she has not been a servant all her life. Carrisford wonders if they might do something to help her.

Back at the school, Cook is entertaining a male friend. Sara arrives and interrupts something which results in Cook getting angry. No food for Sara again. Sara backs away but notices that the make friend is a policeman and he is eating a couple of meat pies. They look wonderful.

Up in her room, Sara is with Ermengarde. Sara feels faint through lack of food and nearly faints. Ermengarde steadies her and tries to comfort her. Ermengarde asks Sara for help with history as it always appears more exciting when Sara talks about it. Downstairs Miss Minchin is looking for the pies which have gone missing. Cook does not know what has happened to them but nods in the direction of poor Becky who is in the back washing up.

Back upstairs Sara is helping Ermengarde with her history. She tells her of the French revolution and the storming of the Bastille. Miss Minchin drags a sobbing Becky upstairs threatening her with prison. Sara watches this through the keyhole and tells Ermengarde that it was Cook who stole the pies for her policeman.

Outside Donald Carmichael goes round to see Mr. Carrisford. He tries to cheer Mr. Carrisford up and offers to take out to the park. Mr. Carrisford accepts his invitation and tells Donald the story of the little girl who Carrisford is desperately looking for. Carrisford explains about a diamond mine and how he is trying to get the wealth to the offspring. Donald asks why he concentrated the search in France as although the mother was French, she was dead and hence may have moved to England instead. Carrisford realises that there may be some mileage in this train of thought.

Meanwhile back at the school, Amelia explains to Miss Minchin that she suspects Cook is the real thief and that food often goes missing after a visit from her policeman friend.

Up in Sara's room, Becky and Sara are preparing a pretend meal for themselves. Sara tries to get Becky to use her imagination. Later that night in the girls room downstairs the nasty Lavinia notices that Ermengarde has taken her hamper and gone upstairs. The girls decide to check out what is going on and so creep upstairs. Lavinia hears the three in Sara's room having a midnight feast and goes to inform Miss Minchin. Miss Minchin storms into Sara's room.

Ermengarde's parents will be written to in the morning. Miss Minchin throws Sara onto the bed, confiscates the hamper and then orders Sara to remain in her room with no food at all the next day. Sara huddles up to Emily and cries herself to sleep.


The Story in Six Parts


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