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The Space Sentinels

The Sorceress written by Kathleen Barnes and David Wise

The Space Sentinels - The Sorceress

Sentinel One reports to the team that his sensors have detected that the entire North Pole has vanished and that they could be looking at the end of the world. The threesome set off to the Pole to find out what has happened. When they arrive they discover that the Pole is actually behind some kind of force field and that Mercury with his fantastic speed may be able to penetrate the barrier. Mercury matches light speed and find himself on the other side of the force field. The North Pole is intact and okay but a very strange sight awaits him.

Hercules, Mercury and Astrea are at the base Time to launch The three young sentinels are on their way to investigate the loss of the North Pole

Sentinel One is monitoring their progress Mercury matches the speed of light He penetrates the force field

A woman know as the Sorceress has set up a facility there as she wishes to steal a human invention that can create energy from any form of matter (not quite breaking the laws of Thermodynamics). She appears to have the power to control peoples minds and make them believe and operate according to her wishes. Astrea discovers that the Sorceress is in fact part of the facility which is a complex computer system. The Sorceress traps Mercury, Hercules and Astrea within their own minds while she steals the energy conversion invention that is currently being tested at a top secret facility. The Sorceress imprisons the Sentinels and then makes electronic copies of them. She orders them to locate and seize the energy converter device.

The Sorceress is aware of Mercury's presence The two sentinels report in Mo and Sentinel One try to scan for Mercury

The Sorceress is curious about Mercury The military are examining an new energy device Mercury is imprisoned

At the secret test facility the military are testing the energy converter. All seems to be working well until the doors being to shake and the false Sentinels break in and steal the device. The General contacts Sentinel One as he is furious about the theft. Sentinel One assures him that the three Sentinels had nothing to do with the theft. Mo then scans the area to try and locate the threesome. Back at the North Pole, Astrea realises that is is all in her mind and that if she concentrates she can break the spell. She breaks free and then helps Mercury and Hercules.

The military test appears to be a success The Gneral contacts Sentinel One to complain about the theft Mo tries to find out what has happened

Astrea struggles against the mind control and eventually wins out Hercules, Mercury and Astrea take on the Sorceress The Sorceress is getting weaker

Hercules and Mercury try to weaken the Sorceress by destroying all the power cables. She becomes weaker and eventually after a battle with Astrea she fades completely. The three Sentinels then destroy the energy device as it appears to be dangerously unstable. Mercury and Hercules hurl the device into outer space where it promptly explodes. They then all head for home. All in a days work for the three super heroes.

She still has a few tricks left It all ends when Hercules destroys the power source Astrea wins out in the battle

Hercules and Mercury return the power source They hurl it into outer space where it explodes The three now head for home

Morpheus The first Sentinel written by Len Janson and Chuck Menville

The Space Sentinels - Morpheus the first sentinel

A spaceship is in outer space heading for a small bluish green planet - yes you guessed it Earth. Inside is a man called Morpheus, however he is no ordinary man. He has spent centuries tracking down the Sentinels. Sentinel One senses a presence but is unable to confirm who it is, later however, Sentinel One reveals who Morpheus is. Many, many years ago a man was taken from Earth and given super human powers. The current powers of the space Sentinels were all given to one man. This turned out to be a mistake as the man, Morpheus, turned to evil. He then left the planet out into the Cosmos but still held onto one aim, the complete domination of the Universe. He has now arrived on Earth and fakes a meteorite crash in order to flush out the young Sentinels. He has been doing this test on many planets without success until now that is.

Morpheus has been searching Sentinel One for a thousand years A meteorite heads towards earth Astrea's belt glows as the three prepare for launching

Sentinel One tells the three about Morpheus Morpheus was a simple farmer Upon being given super powers he turned to evil

Nothing is known about the whereabouts of Morpheus Morpheus headed out into deep space Mo in his little cubby hole used for recharging

Morpheus transformed into a lizard penetrates the Sentinel base Mo has been captured and his memory downloaded Morpheus has created a replica of Sentinel One

The Space Sentinels head for the crash site and find that there is an incredible gravitational field at work drawing them in. The meteor soon vanishes (after Morpheus has detected the Sentinels). Astrea removes a small sample and takes it back to Sentinel One for examination. Sentinel One has a terrible tale to tell on receipt of the sample. He tells them of the tale of Morpheus and that he must have been responsible for the meteorite and that he must be here on Earth. The three young sentinels are not too happy when they find out that one man has all their respective powers.

Morpheus has arrived on Earth's surface and traced the Sentinels back to their base. Morpheus changes into a small lizard in an attempt to steal Sentinel One to replicate him. However when Morpheus sees that Mo knows everything about Sentinel One, he changes him mind and decides to go after the little droid. He changes into an Eagle and steals Mo. The Space Sentinels try to catch him but lose him over the sea. Eventually they discover his ship under the sea but not before Morpheus has extracted all Mo's knowledge to build more Sentinel One computers.

Astrea penetrates the ship of Morpheus She escapes only just in time Morpheus transforms into a dragon

Hercules and Morpheus are equally matched Morpheus has created lots of Sentinel Ones He intends to conquer the Universe

Sentinel One contacts the replica Sentinel Ones and tells them of Morpheus's plan The computers turn against Morpheus and seal him in the ship They then head out into deep space

Astrea is able to penetrate the ship by changing into a small crab. She rescues Mo and heads back to base. At first Morpheus tries to pursue them but Hercules stops him from escaping the ship. Sentinel One examines the strategy of Morpheus and realises what he is up to. Before he can do anything Sentinel One starts to behave very strangely. Morpheus is using the new computers to disable and disrupt the thinking of Sentinel One. Mo shuts down Sentinel One in order to try and repair him. The three Sentinels then go after Morpheus fearful that he will use the computers to take over the Universe. Mo switches on Sentinel One again and he appears to be okay. Sentinel One contacts the other replicates of Sentinel One and convinces them that Morpheus is evil and he must be stopped. This they do and seal Morpheus inside his ship. They determine that his plan to dominate such a large space is both irrational and illogical and hence stop him. They fly off with him in his ship, taking him into deep space and thus preventing him from ever harming anyone again.

The Space Sentinels - Main Page
The Space Sentinels Main Page
The Space Sentinels - The Sorceress
The Sorceress
Written by Kathleen Barnes & David Wise
The Space Sentinels - Morpheus. the first Sentinel
Morpheus - The First Sentinel
Written by Len Janson & Chuck Menville