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The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction

The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction

The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction The Space Sentinels Introduction

Click here to listen to the introductory music (1.2Mb Wav file) -Thanks to Patricia for supplying.

The Space Sentinels

This great animation series came out of the Filmation Associates camp around 1977. It concerned the adventures of three young people removed from earth, taken to an alien planet and given super human powers. They were then returned to Earth to look after it and help the people develope naturally without any interference from outside forces. Hercules was the Sentinel empowered with the strength of a hundred men. Strong as he was though, from time to time he was a bit thick. Astrea was given the ability to transform herself into any other living creature. Mercury was given the gift of speed and was so fast he could match the speed of light. Mercury (if memory serves me right) was a bit younger or immature compared to the other two. He always seemed to be the joker of the pack constantly sparring with Hercules or boasting of his ability, whereas Astrea appeared to be the brains of the outfit and kept the other two in check. Astrea made most of the decisions so I supposed was really the leader of the group. The threesome were guided by Sentinel One who was a super computer with a holographic head that appeared when it wished to communicate. The Sentinel base (spaceship inside an extinct volcano) was maintained by a maintenance operator droid called MO. We soon learn from the first episode "Morpheus", that the Sentinels were not the first ones. Before they were on the seen, a single sentinel had been produced who had the powers of all three. He had turned to evil though and wanted to rule/control the Universe and had left the planet whereabouts unknown.

At the start of each episode Sentinel One would explain how the young Sentinels were chosen and given their powers:

Many centuries ago, three carefully selected young Earthlings were transported from their native lands to my faraway world.

Here they were granted astounding powers and eternal youth.

Then returned to Earth, their mission, to watch over the human race helping the good in it to survive and flourish.

In the course of history their names have become legend.

Hercules, empowered with the strength of a hundred men.

Astrea, able to assume any living form.

Mercury, the amazing athlete who can match the speed of light.

Working together with me, Sentinel One and my maintenance robot Mo

These teenage guardians form the greatest team the world has ever known

The Space Sentinels.

The Sentinels basically lived inside the spaceship that returned from the planet which turned them into superhumans. They spend most of their days watching the planet Earth although the real observer is Sentinel One. MO has a similar type personality to the AI droid in "Flight of the Navigator." Mo is in love with Astrea and occasionally gets his circuits in a twist when she smiles at him. The spaceship lies at the bottom of an extinct volcano - no idea where though. The Sentinels had the power to fly when launched from the spaceship. Three large cylindrical clear acrylic type tubes would drop down from the top of the spaceship and the threesome would be launched into the air. Amazing but apparently their were only thirteen episodes made. A bit like Mr. Benn, it always felt that there were considerably more, although I guess many were repeated and only shown one per week helped to possibly create the memory of more. It was usually on television around 16:20 on a school day afternoon on BBC1.


Sentinel One
Sentinel One
Maintenance Robot Mo
The Sorceress
The Sorceress
The Time Traveller
The Time Traveller
The Space Giants

Space Giants

Click below images to see some of the episodes (two presented below but six more to follow soon)

The Space Sentinels
The Space Sentinels Main Page
The Space Sentinels - The Sorceress
The Sorceress
Written by Kathleen Barnes & David Wise
The Space Sentinels - Morpheus, the first Sentinel
Morpheus - The First Sentinel
Written by Len Janson & Chuck Menville

Episode Titles - no specific order (I believe a total of thirteen were created).

The Sorceress
The Time Traveler
The Return of Anubis
Space Giants
The Prime Sentinel
The Sinister Sentinel
The Wizard of Od
The Jupiter Spore
The Test
Voyage to the Inner World
The Worldship

The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits

The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits

The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits The Space Sentinels Credits


The Space Sentinels Cast
Executive Producers Norm Prescott & Lou Scheimer
Produced by Don Christensen
Associate Producers and Story Editors Len Janson & Chuck Menville
Supervising Director Hal Sutherland
Animation Directors Don Towsley, Rudy Larriva, Lou Zukor, Marsh Lamore, Gwen Wetzler
Production Manager Joseph Simon
Art Directors Herb Hazelton, Jim Fletcher & Alberto De Mello
Ley Assistant Mike Hazy
Layout Kurt Connor, Lonnie Lloyd, Frank Gonzales, Carol Lundberg, George Goode, Greg Nocon, Clark Haas, John Perry, Dick Hall, Virgil Raddatz, Ed Haney, Joe Roman, Wes Herschensohn, Leo Swenson, Dave Hoover, Cliff Voorhees, Les Kaluza & Jim Willoughby
Storyboard Director Bob Kline
Storyboard John Dorman, Paul Fennell, Gary Goldstein, Hal Mason & Mario Piluso
Director of Colour Ervin Kaplan
Background Artists Tom O'Laughlin, Don Watson, Curtiss Perkins, Rolly Oliva, Don Schweikert, Barbara Benedetto, Don Peters, Pat Keppler, Sheila Brown, Douglas Stevenson & Gary Selvaggio
Animators Tom Baron, Bill Nunes, Carl Bell, Casey Onaitis, Becky Bristow, Jack Ozark, Jim Brummett, Tony Pabian, Emil Carle, Karen Peterson, Zion Davush, Bill Pratt, Otto Feuer, Bill Reed, Ed Friedman, Len Rogers, John Garling, Don Ruch, George Jorgensen, Don Schloat, Lou Kachivas, Ben Shenkman, Walt Kubiak, Larry Silverman, Lawrence Miller, Hank Smith, Joe Morrison, Bob Tyler, Fre Myers, Dardo Velez, Emory Myrick, George Waiss & Ron Westlund
Assistant Animation Supervisor Lew Irwin
Checking Supervision Marion Turk
Xerography Supervision John Remmel
Pain Supervision Betty Brooks
Camera Supervision R. W. Pope
Camera F.T. Ziegler, Dean Teves, Don Dinehart, David J. Link, John Aardal & Dan Larsen
Film Editing Jim Blodgett
Film Co-ordinator June Gilham
Background Music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael
Music Publisher Shermley Music Co. A.S.C.A.P.
Music and Sound effects by Horta-Mahana Corp.
Voices by Hercules/ Sentinel One - George Di Cenzo
Mercury - Evan Kim
Astrea - Dee Timberlake
Maintenance Operator - Lou Scheimer
Copyright 1977 Filmation Associates
A Filmation Production

The Space Sentinels Credits