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Stig of the Dump

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Stig of the Dump was a charming little adventure series shown on ITV back in the early 1980s (possible 1981). It concerned the adventures of a small boy called Barney (played by Grant Ashley Warnock) and Stig (played by Keith Jayne), a solitary caveman whom time has forgot or somehow left behind. Barney and his sister Lou (played by Janine Tidman) are staying with their Grandmother (played by Bay White) for the holidays. Gran lives in a big house out in the country. Not far from this house is a dump where Barney discovers Stig is living. Somehow Stig has been left over from prehistoric times (or somehow moved into the present day). Anyway he lives in a cave in the dump.

Stig's chalk dump Gran's house in the country

The story was in many parts but the last part is perhaps the most sad when Barney and Lou discover that Stig has left the dump. At then end of the last episode the children and Gran are on a train leaving the station when Barney and Lou see Stig (or whom believe to be Stig) in a scrap yard. They wave goodbye to him as the train leaves, but Stig does not see them and he is left behind to continue his life on his own again. This was probably the last children's adventure type drama I ever saw on television, just before I moved into the world of the grown ups. Even after all these years it has not lost its original charm and so ends a little tale beautifully written by Clive King and adapted for screenplay by Maggie Wadney. This is certainly one little gem fromchildren's television we will never see again.

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Click here for exclusive interview with Nigel Paterson who was in the original cast of Stig of the Dump


Stig seeing a match light
First boy
Boy 1 (the bionic man)
Second Boy
Boy 2 (Robin Hood)
Third Boy
Boy 3 (Batman)
Baddie one
Bad man one
Baddie two
Bad man two

The Story

Barney and his sister Lou go to stay with their Gran over the holidays. Barney goes out to play and accidentally discovers Stig after falling down the side of the dump and through into Stig's cave. Stig and Barney instantly become friends. Just before he has to return home, Barney is given a flint by Stig. Barney's sister does not believe in Stig when Barney returns and tells them about his day. Early the next day, Lou and Gran go off to town and Barney looks in a book to check on his flint tool. He discovers that Stig is possibly from the Stone Age possibly over 30,000 years old. He goes to see Stig again, taking with him some fruit and vegetables. The two of them them work on Stig's cave as Stig is knocking out a new section at the back of the cave to make more room. Barney helps him get a chimney in place and also uses some jam jars for a window. Stig gives in an arrow head in thanks for his help.

Barney falls into Stig's cave Stig is in the shadows watching Barney tells everyone about Stig

Barney looking at the flint, Stig gave him Barnety checking up on flint history

Barney brings some fruit and veg to Stig Stig does not know what tin cans are

The very next day Barney finds some boys messing around at the dump, they are building some form of shed out of bits of wood and metal. Barney throws mud bombs at their little hut to try and frighten them off. The boys pretend to leave saying they have left something valuable in inside. Barney foolishly goes down and inside the hut to investigate. The boys return and capture him. Barney is introduced to The bionic man, Robin Hood, Batman and they threaten to torture him. Barney threatens them with Stig and manages to escape. The boys pursue and Stig eventually comes to the rescue and terrifies the boys. Stig takes the younger boy hostage while the older two run away. The older boys soon return with with gifts for Stig. Pretty soon all five are friends and they swear a pact never to tell anyone about Stig.

Barney inside the boys' hut Barney is captured They group make a secret pact


Stig Keith Jayne
Barney Grant Ashley Warnock
Lou Janine Tidman
Gran Bay White
Chief Kenneth Gilbert
Tribesman Nigel Paterson
Casting Director Keith Andrews
Music Paul Lewis
Film Cameraman Jim Howlett
Film Recordist Dennis Whitlock
Film Editor Beryl Wilkins
Film Dubbing Mixer Freddie Slade
Studio Camera John Darnell
Studio Sound Julian Ford & Peter Ball
Lighting Driector Allen Harradine
Studio Supervisor Peter Groome
Vision Mixer Nick Bigsby
Vision Control Allan James
Video Tape Editors Dave Lewington & Fred Turner
Location Supervisor Keith Lund
Floor Manager Fizz Waters
Costume Allard Tobin
Make Up Angela Seyfang
Stage Manager Diana Paskin
Production Assistants Sandra Brett & Valeria Farron
Designer Anthony Cartledge
Executive Producer Pamela Lonsdale
Producer Sheila Kinany
Director Richard Handford

More Stig of the Dump to come soon.