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Episode 2 (do not know if this is officially second episode)

This episode begins with a small boy on a camel being pursued by two mean looking blokes waving swords. Rasime and Fariek are watching this some way off in the distant (what they are doing together in the middle of the desert is anyone's guess !!). They decide to intervene and so Rasime deals with the bad guys. We then hear that the boy is the son of the Kalif who is being held prisoner by the...yep you guessed it...Bakaar aided by Vangar. The Arabian Knights take the boy back to their hideaway where Turhan decides they must free the Kalif at all cost.

The young boy Nasty bad guys Rasime is not to be messed with

He tells them of his problem Never a camel when you want one - ah well a magic carpet will have to do. The Arabian Knights rescue attempt is thwarted

Rasime makes small work of some guards Some animal magic perhaps Head for Baghdad

They try to free him at night but are seen and so Vangar manages to stop them and take the Kalif to Baghdad. The Arabian Knights thus head for the city of Baghdad. Inside they must use magic and skill to free the Kalif and escape themselves before Vangar and his guards stop them.

The thick guards are easily fooled Never though of checking a drum for Rebels The Kalife

A little magic from Fariek The Kalif is free Stupid guards yet again

Vangar gets it in the pants once again Bakaar is not jst can't get the staff Zazuum breaks his way out

The End

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