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The Jewel of India

The Musketeers are in charge of a large diamond and must protect it. They are on route to rendezvous with the King. They are plagued by bad guys and ruffians intent on stealing the priceless stone. They deal with them in the usual way beating up the bad guys and keeping the diamond safe.

A trap ahead perhaps Bad guys More bad guys

The King wants the Musketeers to protect the diamond at all cost whilst it stays in the castle. D'Artagnan and the others decide to remain in the room with the diamond at all times. Evil eyes are watching the events from individuals who are present in the castle as guests. Suddenly the King appears and states that he has changed his mind and that he will look after it. The Musketeers are astonished and even more so when they see the King leave with the diamond and then see him on the opposite side of the room. Something is amiss.

At the King's Castle The Jewel of India Bad guys are watching

The Musketeers pursue the imposter King and find out that he is in reality the court Jester. He has the diamond and is a master of disguise. He vanishes down a secret passageway. Porthos smashes down the wall and the Musketeers are in hot pursuit.

The Jester vanishes behind the wall No wall can stop Porthos Time for fist-i-cuffs

The Musketeers soon encounter lots of guards working for the bad guys. Porthos, Aramis and Athos deal with these troublesome fellows whilst D'Artagnan goes after the diamond.

D'Artagnan fights a duel The diamond is safely recovered The King is perplexed but happy to see nothing happened

All's well that ends well as the Musketeers recover the diamond. The King is blissfully unaware of any of the events that have transpired.

Episode 1
Episode 1
The Jewel of India
Episode 2
The Red Duke
Episode 3
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