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The Chestnut Soldier

The Chestnut Soldier The Chestnut Soldier The Chestnut Soldier

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The Chestnut Soldier

Episode Three - Fiery Dreams

Episode Three - Fiery Dreams

Catrin is struggling with the piano. She cannot concentrate properly and is really having a hard time, her exam is getting nearer. She tells Nia that the horse "Glory" has died and Michael seems to blame her. Nia comforts Catrin but then allows her to continue playing while she gets on with the house work. One of her chores is to tidy the bedrooms. Nia goes into what was Iolo's bedroom (Evan is now sleeping there). She folds Evan's jacket and out falls the wooden horse that Gwyn had lost. At first she expects something terrible to happen when she handles it but nothing does. She then goes down stairs and asks Mrs.. Griffiths (having tea with Mrs. Lloyd) if she can come and stay for the weekend. Mrs. Griffiths is very happy with this as she always likes to have a young girl around the place as it reminds her of her daughter Bethan. Nia is overjoyed takes the horse she found to Gwyn who is visiting Nain. They realise that Evan has been taken over by something. They think it is the demon Prince and it would explain how Evan was not hurt in the bomb blast since the Prince Efnisien threw himself into the caldron of fire. Gwyn and Nain think Evan is possessed and Nia takes this news very badly. Nain feels sorry for Evan but Gwyn thinks Evan is enjoying his evil soul as he broke the Unicorn and the toys and was responsible for killing Glory. Nain says that Gwyn must help him as the good man is trapped somewhere within Evan.

Later that night Gwyn asks Iolo how he feels about Evan. Iolo did like him once but now now, he never has time for young Iolo. Gwyn asks Iolo to watch Evan as he thinks he broke the toy horses and be was responsible for Glory's death. Iolo agrees to be a spy for Gwyn.

The next morning, Evan (whose hair is now long and completely red) takes tea with Nain. She gives him nettle tea and he is the only one who likes it. Perhaps it is because it belonged to ancient times he tells Nain. This worries Nain especially when he tells her that he thinks he has been here before a long time ago.

Nia comforts Catrin The mutilated horse Gwynshows Nain the horse

Gwyn tells Nain of the spell that misfired Nain realises that Evan is not himself anymore

Later on, Evan goes out of the Lloyd's house. Iolo acting as a spy telephones Gwyn and tells him that he intends to follow Evan. Before Gwyn can tell him to stop, the little boy is off out the door in pursuit. Gwyn knows there is going to be trouble as he sees the horse shadow in the sky. Iolo does not return home that evening and soon the search parties are out looking for him. They find Iolo alive but hurt at the bottom of a quarry. At Nain's house Gwyn (after speaking to Nain) tells everyone about the phone call and that Iolo had been following Evan. Evan moves out of the room's shadows and walks towards Gwyn. Gwyn raises his hand slightly (with the wooden horse in it) and Evan moves away. Evan recomposes himself and states that Iolo must have been following someone else as it was not him. We know this to be untrue since Emlyn (outside the Chapel) saw Iolo following the flame haired Major. Mr. Lloyd is unhappy with this explanation and almost confronts Evan about it. Realising a potential situation developing, everyone decides to head off and see Iolo. As he leaves Evan says goodnight in Welsh, something which is a little strange as Mr. Griffiths did not remember Evan ever knowing any Welsh.

Gwyn, Emlyn, Nia and Iolo at the Griffith's farm Gwyn sees the horse and knows something terrible has happened to Iolo

Gwyn tells Nain about Iolo phoning him to say he was going to follow Evan Mr. Lloyd does not reust Evan since he started changing.

The next day, Gwyn goes to see Emlyn. He is remaking the Unicorn. Gwyn asks Emlyn if he could make him a soldier out of wood. Emlyn does as he is asked but tells Gwyn to be careful. Later Catrin and Evan go out together down to the little stream. Nia follows them. There she sees them together and Evan kisses Catrin. Catrin runs away much to the delight of Evan who laughs out loud like thunder. Nia puts her hands over head but the laughing does not last for long though. Nearby Gwyn has the wooden soldier and he casts a spell whilst throwing the solider into the stream. Evan suddenly starts shouting out as though in pain.

Gwyn asks Emlyn to make up a small toy soldier out of wood Emlyn has completed the soldier

Back at the Lloyd'as house, some of the children are playing a board game. There is a big storm outside and the rain is pelting down. Catrin appears in the front room looking like something a cat had dragged in. Nerys makes a rude comment about her and Catrin screams at them all to shut up. She storms out and up to her bedroom. Nerys then shouts at everyone saying that Catrin is not the only one with talent. As Nerys shouts one the drawers in the dresser unit files out and lands with a crash on the floor. Strangely no one thinks this is a bit odd and put it down to Nerys's shouting so loud. Everyone then heads off to bed but during the early hours the whole house is rocked as though an earthquake had just happened. Everyone is startled and goes down stairs to find the dresser (flying drawer) is now on the floor and everything is smashed up. The disturbance continues and plaster from the ceiling crashes down on Dad's head. All the lights go out in the house and so they have to light candles in order to see. Whilst waiting for the electricity to come back on, the room they are sitting in then starts to heat up as though there was a fire in the cellar.

Nia goes out to see where the heat is coming from. She goes into Evan's room and sees hot flames all over the room. She tries to help by opening a window. She then asks for help from which ever Gods are watching.

There is major disturbance at the Lloyds (no pun intended) All the lights have gone out so they have to light candles. Nia sees Evan's dreams in a wall of flames.

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The Chestnut Soldier
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The Chestnut Soldier

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