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The Chestnut Soldier

The Chestnut Soldier The Chestnut Soldier The Chestnut Soldier

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The Chestnut Soldier

Episode Four - Out of the Forest

Episode Four - Out of the Forrest

The next morning Gwyn has come round and hears the story about the events of the previous night. Mr. Llewelyn is also on hand to try and help fix the dresser. It was Mrs. Lloyd's favourite but most of fine blue china plates are broken. Gwyn realises that the fire was a nightmare of Evan's but which one, the one of the bomb blast or the one of 2000 years ago with the flaming caldron. They suddenly hear a window smash and everyone appears to find out what it was. Evan is standing at the front door behaving very strangely. Nia tells them all that it is not Evan. Evan bellows no snooping on the stairs and the children run back into their bedrooms. Gwyn realises that the warrior is fighting him through Evan. Gwyn goes back to the farmhouse to seek help from Arianwen. She spins a web and an image of a forest appears. Gwyn then sees his pipe shining on top of the wardrobe. He takes it down and then hears a voice telling him to lower his head and move forward. He does this and is transported into the forest domain. There he meets Gwydion the first magician, who tells Gwyn that it was he who trapped Efnisien in the horse. That mad Prince was Gwydion's nephew and Gwyn informs him that he is free again. Of course Gwydion knew this otherwise why would he have summoned Gwyn. Whatever you do Gwyn, you must not do it in anger Gwydion tells him. He then gives Gwyn a new wand of magic and in return Gwyn gives Gwydion the pipe. Gwyn feels the wand stick and he feels music within him. He tries to tell Gwydion that he does not like magic and everything he does turns out bad. Gwydion reminds him that it is never easy but isn't it fun leaping in the dark. Gwyn finally understands his inheritance as Gwydion appears to leave. Gwyn then falls asleep as Gwydion wishes him good luck. Gwyn is woken up by his mother who notices the large stick on his bed. Gwyn tells her it is for a school project.

The children discuss Evan in Nia's bedroom Evan arrives home or is it now Efnisien Evan is completely taken over by the spirit of Efnisien

Gwyn and Arianwen get to work The pipe glows and Gwyn knows he must take it with him A forest can be seen in Arianwen's web

Gwyn meets Gwydion Gwyn the Magician Gwyn falls asleep Gwydion is now within Gwyn - all 2000 years of him - Gwyn feels very weak

The next day at school Gwyn is not well, the weather seems to be affecting him. Large thunderclaps are heard and then it rains very hard. The school children run inide but Gwyn is dragging his heels like an old man. Even after school on the way back to the Lloyds he has trouble keeping up with Nia Inside her home, he tells Nia to tell Evan that Catrin wants to see him on the bridge. She must do this tomorrow, Saturday the day of Catrin's music exam.

Gwyn goes to see Nain and she instantly knows that he has been speaking to Gwydion. He tells Nain that even Gwydion makes mistakes just like him. Gwyn tells Nain that Gwydion is now with him, he sees him in his reflection and that is the reason he feels so old, 2000 years old. Having said that Gwyn is now comfortable with his magic status and knows what he must do. Nain asks Gwyn not to harm the Chestnut Soldier as she realises that he has the power to do so. Gwyn tells her that not everyone can win.

At the Lloyds, it is lunch time, the family and Evan are all sat down. Nerys looks very different, makeup on, new dress, no glasses. No one though is talking apart from Nerys who goes on about the weather and Iolo. She suggests to Evan that he go and see Iolo. Evan turns to Nerys and takes her shoulders gently and turns her towards him. Plain girls like you should hardly be seen and never heard he tells her. Nerys is upset but no one speaks out against Evan. He laughs, gets up and leaves. Gareth asks his mum what is wrong with Evan but she tries to calm everyone down and blames the bomb blast.

Gwyn feels tired like an old man Gwyn always sees Gwydion in the mirror Gwyn tells Nain that not everyone can win but he will do his best not to harm Evan

Later Nia remembers Gwyn's instructions and she tells Evan that Catrin wants to see him. At the bridge Nia waits in hiding, Mr. Llewelyn is on the other side packing up having been working on his painting. Evan waits leaning on the old stone bricks. Out of the mists a figure appears and walks slowly and confidently forward carrying a staff glowing at one end. Gwyn has arrived (but having changed into Gwydion). Evan sees him and cries out as a sword and shield appear in his arms. Let battle commence. Evan warns Gwyn that if he tries to catch him in the horse again he will die and points the sword at Gwyn. Suddenly Arianwen appears and lands on top of Evan's head. Gwyn points his staff at Evan and energy flows out of the staff. The sword and staff meet and there is a terrific explosion. Mr. Llewelyn runs towards the bridge. Arianwen spins a web over Evan's head so he cannot see. Gwyn then touches Evan with the staff and Evan vanishes in a bright light. Nia rushes to see Gwyn. Gwyn goes to the side of the bridge and looks into the water. There he sees Evan half drowning and half swimming in the waters. Gwyn asks him for forgiveness. Nia runs past and tells Gwyn that he has killed her cousin. Nia goes to help him but is too late. Against the night sky she sees four horsemen riding down the slope and they merge with the waters and vanish. Nia finds the wooden Chestnut Solider at the banks of the river. Mr. Lloyd arrives at the bridge tells the children that no one could survive the flood water in the river and that Evan must be dead. Gwyn though has the horse.

As instructed, Nia wakes Evan up and tells him that Catrin wants to see him on the bridge Evan realises it is a trap Gwyn the magician has arrived

Evan wanrs Gwyn that he will not trap him in the horse again, as a sword and shield appear Let battle commence Gwyn casts his spell - he is much too powerful for Evan

Arainwen appears to help as well Nia sees four horsemen moving down the hill Nia watches them vanish into the river waters


The next morning, Nia is in bed looking at the Chestnut Solider she picked up. She hands the soldier over to Gwyn. Gwyn tries to explain that he was trying to save Evan. Nia tells him she cannot save him now. Gwyn thinks she is wrong and shows her the wooden horse. It is mended with no mutilations. Gwyn tells her that after Evan fell into the river, the horse began to kick in his hands and reach very part of Gwyn. It kicked and bit but Gwyn held on to soak up all the anger that was within it. The pain was so intense that it knocked him out and when he came to his hands were bleeding. Now it was a beautiful black horse. Gwyn now thinks that the Prince is now a hopeful Prince riding through the world. Nia tells Gwyn what she saw and how she thinks she saw him go. Nia cannot believe it when Gwyn tells her he saved them both, Efnisien and Evan. Evan had managed to scramble his way to the banks of the river down stream. Iolo had seen him in the hospital as Evan had forgotten his own name for a while.

Gwyn then goes and tells Nain that Evan is safe. Nain is happy knowing this and that Gwyn has finally accepted who he is.

Nia is inconsolable Gwyn arrives but she blames him Gwyn shows Nia the changed horse

Catrin and Mrs. Lloyd hear the news that Evan is not dead Gwyn tells Nain that the Chestnut soldier is now at peace as he absorbed all the rage and fury

Iolo is now out of hospital At Nain's house, Nia still misses her Evan Llyr

Later at the Lloyd's a postcard is received from Evan. He thanks for their hospitality and hope he did not cause too much trouble. Nia takes the postcard along with her wood Chestnut solider.

In the afternoon Nia goes to see Nain and show her the Chestnut Soldier. She then goes to stand beneath the tree where it all started so many years ago. Evan's face appears in the leaves as Nia places to rest the little Chestnut Soldier. Nia then goes back down to the Griffiths house for party outside. Everyone from all three families are there. Catrin is back with Michael and Mr. Llewelyn is painting the scene. Nain looks at the wooden horse and tells Gwyn that this is his greatest achievement ever. Gwyn tells Nain he will not be needing magic for a while, he will not use the seaweed or scarf to bring back his sister.
Nain asks Gwyn about the old pipe, to which Gwyn tells her that he exchanged it for the Ash wand. Everyone is having a great time, all that is except Nia. However when she chases the ball while playing cricket, the ball rolls onto the path and as she picks it up, a tall man appears. Evan has returned and she is so happy. She runs up to him and gives him a big hug. The pair then return to the party.

Nia looks up at the Chestnut tree Evan's face appears The wives are enjoing a party

Catrin is back with Michael Gwyn shows Nain the new horse - she realises that this is the most important work Gwyn has ever done.

Evan Llyr returns Nia is overjoyed

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The Chestnut Soldier
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The Chestnut Soldier

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And again so ends another wonderful piece of childrens drama. Comments, thoughts, corrections, questions etc to the usual address.

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