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Godzilla was a must see for the school child of the late 1970s early 1980s. I for one used to run home especially to watch this animated adventure. The series began on NBC on September 9th 1979 and lasted for two seasons. It was previously shown on NBC as "The Godzilla Power Hour" (not sure of the year but someone did suggest 1962). Godzilla was first shown on BBC1 on the 31st March 1980 at 16:40 to 17:00. It was on just after Cheggars Plays Pop (Barbara Dickson and Pussyfoot were guests) and just before John Craven's Newsround. Godzilla was a 300 foot tall fire breathing, laser from his eyes producing lizard produced from atomic experiments in the Pacific. The Power Hour also showed "Jana of the Jungle." Godzilla always began with superb music lyrics.........................

"Up from the depths,

Thirty stories high......."

The earth was constantly under threat from huge mutants, alien monsters, freaks of man's pollution of all kinds. The scientists aboard the Calico were led by Professor Darian Quinn. The ship was controlled by Captain Carl Majors. They were aided by a motley crew (should have been expendables - although admittedly no one actually dies - not even the bad monsters). The only pain in the proverbial was that .....Godzooky (I hated him). He was always getting in the way of things and screwing up things for Godzilla and when ever he got chance he would blow a few smoke rings. I suppose Godzooky was necessary because Pete would have owned a little dog had not every other cartoon got a boy with a small pet. Hence a pet baby Godzilla was a must to lighten things up. Whenever the humans got into real trouble or came across something they couldn't handle (which was every single episode), Captain Majors would call Godzilla by pressing his sonic alarm button. Alternatively if the device was missing or for some reason Majors was not available Godzooky was able to call Godzilla himself. Godzilla would come roaring out of the sea to help. Why he bothered I'll never know, stupid humans got themselves into the same mess every week.


Captain Majors
Captain Majors
Professor Daria Quinn
Professor Darien Quinn
The Firebird
The Firebird
The Eartheater
The Eartheater

Episode List

Season 1 (1978-1979)
The Firebird The Mega-Volt Monster
The Eartheater Attack Of The Stone Creatures
The Seaweed Monster The Horror Of Forgotten Island
The Energy Beast The Magnetic Horror
The Colossus Of Atlantis Island Of The Lost Ships
The Breeder Beast The Sub-Zero Terror
The Time Dragons

Season 2 (1979-1980)
The City In The Clouds The Cyborg Whale
Microgodzilla Pacific Peril
The Beast Of Storm Island Moonlode
The Golden Guardians Calico Clones
Ghost Ship The Macro Beasts
Valley Of The Giants Island Of Doom
The Deadly Asteroid


Voice Talent
Godzilla Ted Cassidy
Godzooky Don Messick (1978-1981)
Captain Carl Majors Jeff David
Professor Quinn Darian Brenda Thompson
Brock Hilly Hicks
Pete Al Eisenman
Others Marlene Aragon, Michael Bell, Barney Phillips, Michael Road, Michael Rye, Les Tremayne, Bill Woodson
Producer Doug Wildey
Directors Ray Patterson / Carl Urbano
Developed for television by Dick Robbins / Duane Poole
Creative Producer Iwao Takamoto
Show Editors Dick Robbins / Duane Poole
Story Don Heckman / Duane Poole / Dick Robbins / Tom Swale / David Villare
Story Direction Moe Gollub, Paul Gruwell, Sherman Labby, Desmond Serratore
Recording Director Wally Burr
Graphics Iraj Paran / Tom wogatzke
Title Design Bill Peaz
Musical Director Hoyt Curtin
Musical Supervisor Paul DeMorte
Character Design Doug Wildey / George Wheeler
Layout Supervisor John Ahern
Key Layout Larry Huber / Floyd Norman
Layout Cosmo Anzalotti, John Bruno, Owen Fitzgerald, Bob Foster, Ham Fico, Drew Gentle, Charles Grsvenor, Paul Gauwell, Mike Kawaguchi, Mark Kirkland, Jack Manning, Earl Martin, Jim Mueller, Dan Noonan, Mike O'Mara, Lew Ott, Mike Ploog, Tom Roth, Linda Rowley, Glenn Schmitz, Bart Seitz, Peter Shelley, Toby (no last name)
Animation Supervisor Bill Keil, Jay Sarbry
Assistant Animation Supervisor Bob Goe
Animation Ed Aardal, Frank Andrina, Cliff Augustson, Ed Barge, Tom Barnes, Bob Bemillar, Oliver Callahan, Lars Calonius, Rudy Cataldi, Roger Chirsson, Jesse Cosio, Doug Crane, Joan Drake, Marcia Fertig, Hugh Fraser, Al Gaivoto, Mark Glamack, Fernando Gonzalez, Jeff Hall, Terry Harrison, Bob Hathcock, Fred Hellmich, Harry Holt, Volus Jones, Mario Julio, Rick Leon, Hicks Lokey, Ernesto Lopez, Dan Mills, Ken Muse, Constantine Mustatea, Margaret Nichols, Bill Pratt, Tom Ray, Morey Reden, Veve Risto, Mitch Rochon, Mark Simon, Ken Southworth, Dave Tendlar, Dick Thompson, Rich Trueblood, Bob Tyler, Carlo Vinci, James Walker, John Walker, Ron Westlund
Background Supervision Al Gmuer
Backgrounds Deborah Akers, Dennis Durrell, James Hegedus, James Hickey, Andy Phillipson, Jeff Richards, Jeff Riche, Sera Segal Alsberg, Dennis Venizelos
Checking and scene planning Cindy Smith
Xerography Star Wirth
Ink and print supervision Billie Kerns
Sound Direction Richard Wilson / Bill Getty
Camera George Epperson, Jerry Smith, Tom Epperson, Chuck Flexal, Ron Jackson, Larry Smith, Terry Smith, Brandy Whittington, Jerry Whittington
Supervising Film Editor Larry C Cowan
Dubbing Supervision Pat Foley
Music Editor Joe Sandusky
Effect Editor Ric Eisman
Show Editor Gil Iverson
Negative Consultant William E DeBoer
Production Manager Jayen Barbera
Post Production Supervisor Joed Eaton
Executive Producers William Hanna / Joseph Barbera
Hanna-Barbera Studios

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Episode One Episode Two
Episode One Episode Two