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Episode One- The Firebird (first shown BBC1 31st March 1980)

Two scientists are on an island measuring volcanic activity, when suddenly the local Volcano erupts without warning. The Volcano sends out lava flowing down the hillside. The two scientists race to their boat in an attempt to escape the devastation. The eruption, however, has caused the boat to overturn and sink. The men are trapped and rush back to their research station to radio for help. Unbeknown to the scientists a giant Firebird appears at the mouth of the volcano and then disappears back inside. Not very far away the good ship Calico is sailing. The volcanic activity has caused a massive tidal wave which will sink the ship. Captain Majors has no option but to call for Godzilla on the sonic alarm. Godzilla comes out of the sea, roars about for a few seconds while he gets his bearings, and then picks up the stricken ship. Once the wave has passed, he puts the ship down and then he returns to the depths of the sea.

The scientists on the island Godzooky on the Calico The Firebird

Godzilla arrives All in a day's work Just a little wet

The Calico then rushes to the island to save the two scientists. When they are safe on board, the scientists inform everyone that the recent events could reactivate all the dormant volcanoes in the region causing untold damage. Professor Quinn decides to investigate the cause of the eruptions. Godzooky and Pete are told to remain on board but they both end up following the team. Soon the pair are in trouble as the Firebird awakens and finds them in its lair. The team, Godzooky and Pete eventually escape from the caverns but the Firebird emerges to track them down.

Must get to the island Why do we always get left behind I wished we'd stayed on board the Calico

Captain Majors calls for Godzilla again, who fights the Firebird and chases the creature off. The crew of the Calico soon find that the creature is heading for the polar caps in order to lay eggs. They realise that this must be stopped and so the ship and the mighty Godzilla take to the sea and track the Firebird where a big fight ensues (surprise surprise).

Oh dear, it's seen us Perhaps we should leave Oy you over there in the red

Firebird hits Godzilla with heat waves I wonder who will win Come here hot stuff

Godzilla eventually triumphs (again no surprises there) and removes the creature by burying the creature under the sea and sealing it in with huge rocks.

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