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Episode Two

Episode Two - The Eartheater (first shown BBC1 14th April 1980)

Something is happening to the buildings in the city of San Francisco. Skyscrapers and construction works are disappearing into the Earth. A monstrous creature is devouring buildings from below the city. The crew of the Calico sail near to the Golden Gate bridge looking forward to some rest. They soon see that the city is being evacuated and that the Golden Gate bridge is completely blocked with cars departing the city. The bridge is soon completely full of vehicles and is on the verge of collapse. Time for Captain Majors to call for Godzilla's help who just happens to be in the neighbourhood. Godzilla saves all the cars on the bridge by taking out a section of the bridge and placing it on the opposite bank.

cracks appear in the earth The Calico sails into Sanfrancisco Godzilla saves the day (again)

The team then decide to investigate the problem. Godzooky and Pete soon get into trouble but Godzooky finally does something right by saving Pete from being crushed to death. Pete finds a large recently excavated tunnel and Professor Quinn and the others check it out. This turns into near disaster when they are cornered by the earth eating creature. They do, however find a small weakness as the earth eater does not like the light. Back on the surface the team think they have escaped but the beast comes out and pursues them. They try to call Godzilla but Captain Majors has lost the remote sonic alarm. Godzooky calls him and Godzilla arrives and defeats the monster.

The drivers escape the bridge Team investigates the tunnels Godzooky and Pete fall into a huge hole

The monster vanishes underground (round two coming soon) using its sonic waves to cut a whole in the ground. Professor Quinn devises a plan to scare the creature out using smoke bomb gas canisters. They hope to put the monster to sleep. The monster, however, breaks out again and again corners the team. Enter Godzilla yet again to save the day. As the fight eventually turns towards a Godzilla win, the monster falls into the water and swiftly turns into mud. The earth eating creature has thus been eliminated.

thank goodness they are all okay earth eater not far away though Godzooky calls for Godzilla

the earth eater fights dirty Just one more building bites the dust before the earth eater becomes mudWhere is Godzilla

Here comes the big guy first he saves the crew then he lets the earth eater have it

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