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The Magic Ball

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The Magic Ball

The Magic Ball - The Story of the Princess in the Castle

The Magic Ball - The Story of the Princess in the Castle

Sam is inside the shop of his Aunt Mill and he is looking at a small castle on top of a table. He sees that there is a small princess in it and that she looks very sad. He wonders why she should be so sad and so the Magic ball takes him to the castle to find out. On arriving at the castle Sam finds a beautiful Princess trapped in the castle and a handsome Prince outside. They are both very much in love with each other but because the Prince's kingdom is not very rich, the Princesses father refuses to allow her to marry him.

Sam is looking at a sad Princess trapped in a castle Sam wonders why she is so sad The Magic Ball takes Sam to see the Princess

Sam meets the Prince The Prince tells Sam of what has happened Everything should be lovely but it is being spoilt

The Prince explains all this to Sam and then tries several times to get into the castle to carry away his bride to be. Each time he is thwarted by the not so nice King of the castle. The first attempt ends with the Prince missing the window of the castle. The second attempt at swimming the moat is halted when the King pulls the plug out. Eventually the Prince asks the King how much money he would want in order to marry the Princess. The King tells him that he wants the Dragon's treasure and that if he returns with that he can have the wench's hand.

The nasty King will not let the Prince marry the Princess The nasty King says the Prince is too poor He watches the castle night and day

The Prince tries hard to gain entry to the castle The nasty King foils every attempt He even pulls the plug out of the castle moat

Sam, the Prince and Arkwright his horse, set off to find the Dragon's treasure. They journey very far and eventually arrive at a place where it suddenly becomes dark. Without realising it, the three travellers have entered the mouth of the dragon. The emerge from the second mouth on the opposite side. This is a two headed dragon joined at the middle. While the dragon heads are arguing over who let them go, the trio sneak inside the cave to examine what treasure there is inside.

The poor Prince does not know what to do The King sets him a challenge Sam and the Prince have to travel far away

Inside the cave the Magic Ball reveals all the treasure, so much in fact, that they cannot possibly carry it all home. They gather up all the small jewels and place them in a saddle bag. They then leave the cave only to find the Dragons waiting for them outside. The Magic Ball goes into action again and the Dragons get all tied up in knots chasing the ball. Sam and the Prince are able to leave safely and head back to where the Princess is waiting.

The meet the dragon - a two headed dragon In the front end and out the back end The pair look at all the treasure

Treasure and more treasure The Magic Ball deals with the nasty dragons The Prince returns with gold for the nasty King

The Prince shows the nasty King all the jewels he has brought. The King, however, breaks his word and still refuses to let the Prince and Princess marry. The Magic Ball again goes into action and carries the Prince high over the battlements and into the arms of his beloved. The two of them then escape closely followed by the nasty King and all his soldiers. The Magic Ball stops the King from catching the pair and eventually the King and his men are forced to retire leaving the happy couple to get married.

The King refuses and so the Magic ball has to help The Prince finally gets his girl The King chases after them

All the King's men chase after them The Prince, Princess, Sam and the Magic Ball ride fast The Magic Ball helps out as usual

Eventually the Kind retires with his men back to the castle A real nasty piece of work this ere King Back at the shop Aunt Mill arrives

The Magic Ball returns Sam to the shop to the exact spot he was standing in before he started his little adventure. Sam looked at the castle and saw that the Princess had indeed vanished from the battlements meaning she was now safe and happy with the Prince. Just then Aunt Mill came into the room and asked where he had been "Nowhere much" replied Sam and smiled back at her.

Sam smiles to himself

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