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Moondial Part Two

She then returns to the garden and walks down a long pathway set between the lawns. She seems to know that she has been here before but is unsure when. Minty then sees the Moondial (she calls it a sundial) and as in her dream the night before she touches it. Minty appears to become faint. She clasps her head in her hands as she is becoming more and more disorientated. All at once the spinning feeling reduces and Minty appears to come to herself although the surroundings appear slightly different. She sees an estate gardener in the distance disappear and then reappear before her eyes. The moondial then starts to spin very fast. Minty holds her head and keeps her eyes closed during this motion.

She steps off the moondial unsure of where she is and runs towards the house.

The Large House Minty walking away from the house Minty in the garden - moondial in the distance

Statues supporting the Moondial Minty's first look at the Moondial

Sudenly Minty starts to feel dizzy Minty sees the gardener slowly vanish

Minty runs towards the rear of house and suddenly bumps into young boy dressed in old fashioned Victorian clothes and cap. The boy is as startled as Minty and takes her for a ghost. They then call each other as a ghost but decide to prove it by shaking hands. Neither is a ghost as their hands touch proving that both are real. Tom is out to get raspberries. She asks his name to which Tom replies "Tom short for Edward", Minty says her's is "Minty short for Penelope". They then start walking and Minty asks him questions. It seems that Tom as no mother or father as they are both now dead. He has brothers and sisters although two of them are also now dead. He only knows of his sister Dorrie who he think is with the others in London.

Tom says he has seen ghosts before Minty meeting Tom, who thinks she is a ghost

The gardener Mags then appears who wants top know where the raspberries are. He then beats Tom badly. Minty tries to stop him but as she hits Mags (we see that Mags does not see or feel her presence), Minty is sent back to her correct time. She then leaves the moondial and the gardens and goes through the gates. Whilst returning to Aunt Mary's house she sees Mr Benson's car outside and rushes to hear any news

Maggs the evil gardener who hits Tom for not picking the rasperries A confused Minty

Inside Mr Benson asks Minty to return to the hospital as there has been no change in her mum Kate's condition. Minty then goes back into the large house and stands in the main entrance (black and white chequered floor). She then walks to the large outside window seeing the moondial at the end of a large grand pathway. She calls it a sundial and goes outside to it and then places both hands on it and closes her eyes. We then see the whole dial rotate with her on it. Minty then opens her eyes and it is nighttime. She cannot believe that the hours have past so quickly. She can hear a small girl singing to herself (one of the songs is "boys and girls come out to play"). Minty joins in and then tries to speak to the girl but only gets to know the girl's name before an unseen adult woman comes forward and grabs Sarah. Sarah is obviously terrified of this woman and rushes off. We hear the woman saying "you've frightened the moon away" in a stern voice. Minty then closes her eyes and asks to go back and the dial then rotates again. When it stops, however, she finds that it is day time again but she is now back in Tom's time period. He asks why she has been away for days even though in Minty's time it has only been a single day. Tom's cough is getting noticeable worse.

Inside the large house Minty fascinated with the view of the moondial from the main window n the large house Minty walks to the Moondial

She steps onto the Moondial The Moondial starts to spin

She moves back through time on the Moondial At the start it was day, now it is night

We learn that Tom's sister Dorrie (coachman gave him a message) has sent some word of where she is. Minty agrees with Tom that it would appear he has grown in stature since they last met. Tom then admits that Minty is not the only ghost he has found in the gardens, she is smaller and only seen at night. He reveals that Sarah is her name, to which Minty says that she has also seen her. Before anything else can be said, the gardener (Mags) appears and shouts at Tom . Both children run off and hide round the back of the house. On looking around the corner Minty sees a coach and family with maids and footmen in attendance. Tom is again shouted at by the footman who apparently cannot see Minty though. Tom at this point discovers that he is the only one who can see Minty and in order to prove this, takes her into the kitchen. The cook and maids look right through her and admonish Tom for standing doing nothing. The nasty cook grabs Tom and marches him down dark corridor and locks him in dark room. Minty who had followed also finds herself locked in. Minty at this point sits down and closes her eyes and when she re-opens them, finds herself once more in the present day and back beside the moondial.

Tom and Minty discussing Tom's recent beating Tom being hurt by the evil cook Tom locked up in a small room by the cook

Minty goes back to the hospital to speak to her mum who is still in a coma. She wonders what she can say to her mum that will awaken her. She decides to tell her the current adventure she is having and so goes off home to tape it. Back at Aunt Mary's house, Minty is informed that they have had a visitor from a Ms Raven who is carrying out research into ghosts in order to finish a book she is writing. Minty asks whether or not there are any ghosts at the house but Aunt Mary says none apart from the Queen's bedroom. Minty is then told than Ms Raven will be lodging with them for a short time while she investigates. Minty is not too pleased when she hears this. Minty then goes to see Will and asks him whether or not he has spoken to any women (presumably meaning Ms Raven) asking questions. He knows who she is referring to and states that he would not even give her the time of day. "Told her nothing, I did" says Will. Minty is happy with this news. "It'll be the children she is after, and it is for you to save them", "You're the one who has the key" he continues. Minty states that "I will save them, I will."

Minty then goes back to the graveyard beside the church. She stops at a small gravestone which looks like a small child's grave. It has the letters "E" "L" and the date 1871 on it.

World realises what Ms Raven is up to Minty examines the Grave with the initials E L Minty beside the small grave

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