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Moondial Part Three

Back now with Aunt Mary the two are making up the room for Ms Raven. Minty is most upset to find that Ms Raven has been in her room looking at the pictures on the wall and asking questions about them. Minty then lies on her bed and records her thoughts into a tape machine. "Tonight, I will go tonight, before she gets here" Minty says to herself.

Minty moving around at night At night She reaches the moondial

She then runs into the night in just her night gown. She runs through the church gates and across the graveyard. She is then stopped by the large closed gates leading to the large house. She thus goes through the bushes and over a wall before walking slowly down the path towards the moondial. She then stops at the moondial and asks it "Who are you ?" She then touches the moondial and closes her eyes. It then begins to rotate. When it comes to a stop Minty is again back in the past and finds it is night there to. She leaves the moondial and walks down the path in the dark. She hears a girls voice singing and catches glimpses of others following the singer. The singer is Sarah a young girl and gradually she is surrounded by hooded boys all chanting "What's the time Mr. Wolf?" They shout louder and louder, then the words change and Minty hears them shouting "Moondial" - "Moondial" - "Moondial." The chanting again changes to "Devil's child." Sarah starts screaming and so Minty rushes forward shouting. The boys are frightened by this unexpected course of events and so scatter in all directions.

Boys dressed in hoods They encircle a terrified Sarah They scatter on Minty's arrival

Another voice is then heard harshly shouting "Sarah", "Sarah." Sarah, then falls to the ground in a faint. The hooded figures vanish into the night and the Governess, for want of another title, then appears - lifts Sarah to her feet and reviles her with the words "you really are a devil's child."

Minty finds herself back in her bedroom again. We are unsure here as to whether this is a dream or not but it looks like morning. Minty is walking in the trees, surrounded by mist she can hear voices - children's voices. Now she can see small cloaked shadowy figures running around. The children are stood in a ring chanting "Devil's child" going round and around a small doll like figure in the middle. The doll has a cloak and a sack for a head. The children now start to hit the figure with large sticks and then stamp on it shouting "Dead." Minty watches them parade round the doll before they throw it onto the fire.

Minty is back in the her world now and goes to see World. She asks about the dial and the path and the figures attached to the moondial. World says that he has a book on sundials that he gives to Minty. He tells her that Clock time is mean time, Sun time is apparent time, Real time is star time" to which Minty asks if this is the same as Moon Time. World does not know but supposes so as the moon and the stars are seen together.

Minty's tape is given to Mr Benson for her mother Kat to listen to. It is hoped it will bring her out of a coma. Back in the House Minty sees a small bag in the hallway. She can hear voices in the kitchen and goes to investigate. There she is introduced to Ms Raven (those of you who watch / remember Blake's 7 will recognise her as Servalen) by Aunt Mary. Ms Raven asks Minty to show her the gardens and Minty reluctantly does. Minty tries to move Ms Raven away from the direction of the moondial but Ms Raven heads straight for it. Minty tries to distract her by whistling but this fails. Ms Raven asks Minty if she feels anything as she stands near the moondial. To Minty's relief, Ms Raven then sees the church and heads off towards it leaving a slightly happier Minty.

Ms Raven turning to meet Minty Minty with Ms Raven in the gardens

Minty gets up at dawn the next day and goes to the moondial. She touches the dial, closes her eyes and it begins to spin. Next she is seen by Tom, who quickly asks her to come with him. They both see Sarah, she is walking on her own singing quietly in daylight. She gets to the fountain whilst talking to a flower. Tom calls out to her and we get to see her face as she turns around. We see she is a lovely young girl with a birthmark down one side of her face. Sarah instantly runs off but is pursued by Tom and Minty. They all enter the house at which point Tom and Minty realise they are invisibly to everyone except Sarah. Sarah talks to them and asks who they are. They tell that they are her friends. The Governess arrives and sternly takes a frightened Sarah upstairs into a room. We discover that the Governess looks identical to Ms Raven (Servalen again), she is a 37 year old spinster named Ms Augusta Vole who is paid a salary to take care of Sarah. Ms Vole begins to systematically terrify Sarah saying that if she looked in a mirror then the glass would crack and the Devil would come for her. Ms Vole then takes all the sheets off the walls in the room revealing large mirrors. Sarah is terrified, and hides herself under the a bed cover. Eventually it becomes too much for Tom and he runs down the stairs closely followed by Minty. Ms Vole senses something and shouts out "who is there?" Minty eventually catches up with Tom who begins coughing again, now he begins to produce blood and he fades away before her eyes. Minty calls for him to come back but leaves the house and into the garden. There she stands in front of a small statue in the garden and sees a similarity with Ms Raven and Ms Vole. Suddenly she is bewitched by voices saying "the Devil will get you" and a frightened Minty runs back to the moondial hoping to escape.

Sarah trying to wish away her face Sarah startled by Tom and Minty Ms Augusta Vole

Tom coughing up blood and starting to fade as he talks to Minty Minty being stalked by something Evil She heads for the moondial

After a brief stop at the hospital Minty finds herself back in the graveyard. She sees Tom who informs her that Dorrie is spitting blood as well. She now finds out that Tom's name is really Teddy Larkin and that Tom is just a nick name. Minty asks him to meet her at the moondial at midnight tonight.

Minty hears that Ms Raven is going on a ghost hunt that very night. Minty feels that something is going to happen tonight. She looks at the church from the window and thinks that she needs a lucky charm to protect her. Suddenly she realises what charm is necessary. She goes and fetches a small hand mirror which has the mirror in the shape of a cross. At about 11:30 or so Ms Raven sets off. Minty also leaves and heads for the moondial. She meets Tom sitting on the moondial. Minty thinks she knows who the figure is on the moondial. They both stand on the dial and she says "light and shadows in turns but always love" The dial then spins and they both appear in a new time, it is cold November night. The small figure of Sarah is seen moving in the distant. Minty and Tom run towards her. Sarah is talking to herself and indirectly lets them know that it is Halloween. Sarah is attempting to get the waters to heal her face for the last time. While she is singing a large number of hooded figures appear with animal masks carrying pumpkins. They encircle the fountain where Sarah is chanting "Devil's coming". Sarah makes a run for it to escape them, but they run after her. Minty and Tom run to help Sarah. Minty tries to frighten them off by by threatening them with things about the Devil. They fall for her threats and this allows Minty Tom and Sarah to escape. The masked boys soon realise they have been fooled by Minty and Tom and so set off in pursuit. Minty, Tom and Sarah head for the moondial. Once there Minty reveals the mirror and shows it to Sarah. Sarah is afraid but eventually looks into the mirror. The mirror does not crack. Sarah realises she is a pretty young girl, not the monster she was told. Ms Vole then appears and heads right for the trio. Minty then points the mirror at her and she is utterly destroyed. Tom and Sarah are now free and vanish as Minty heads back to her time.

A terrified Sarah is pursued by masked children The evil children approach They are wearing masks

Sarah sees that she is not horrifying Ms Vole appraochesa terrified Saah and Tom The mirror being pointed at the 'Evil' Ms Vole

Back in the bedroom she takes out the mirror to see it. It has cracked (was Ms Raven / Augusta Vole the Devil).

She then goes to the hospital and while she is there talking to her mother, mum opens her eyes and starts talking. Back at Aunt Mary's house, Ms Raven has now gone. Minty goes to see World who knows she has set the children free. Minty then goes to the graveyard and stands by the little grave of Teddy - Edward Larkin alias Tom. In the distance we see a Tom, Sarah and Dorrie running off happily together, free at last.

Minty realises who the small child's grave belongs to. Teddy Larkin - Tom Sarah, Tom and Dorrie now free and happy

An so ends a wonderful children's drama

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