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The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo

The Snow Spider Story Part Two

After tea Gwyn goes to see Arianwen - the Snow Spider. She is very cold to the touch but gives off a very bright light. Gwyn then heads off to see Nain at her home. She is outdoors gardening when he arrives and she asks him if he is a magician yet. He says that they should go inside and talk over a cup of tea.

Arianwen - the snow spider Arianwen - the snow spider Arianwen - the snow spider

Inside the house, she makes nettle tea. Gwyn hates it, but changes the subject by revealing the presence of Arianwen. Nain confirms that he, Gwyn brought the spider here and that he is indeed a true magician. Nain is overjoyed especially when Arianwen crawls up her arm. Nain tells Gwyn of the spider's name. She also tells him that Arianwen has come from another world to help him find what he truly wants i.e. his heart's desire. Gwyn informs Nain that he wants everything to be as it was before Bethan vanished, but Nain says that even if he were to bring back Bethan, he would still be alone as all magicians are. This is something he will have to get used to if he is to be a true magician.

Gwyn and Nain Arianwen crawls on Nain's arm Gwyn gives the whistle to the wind

Gwyn then heads back home and back in his bedroom, Gwyn sees Bethan standing shimmering in front of him, but just as his mother calls to him, Bethan vanishes. Mum comes upstairs and find Gwyn sitting in the dark. His mother questions him but nothing is resolved. Gwyn reveals that he has an insect for school which he is keeping in a match box. His mother is horrified when she learns that the insect is a spider. She hates cobwebs especially when they end up in the house. His father informs him that he will squash the spider if he sees it - school or no school. Gwyn shouts that he hates his father sometimes and runs upstairs to his bedroom. The matchbox is empty but when Gwyn enters his bedroom he finds Arianwen sitting next to the tin whistle. She moves up and down the whistle and Gwyn realises that the whistle is the next gift to be given to the wind. He blows the whistle but finds it is not working. He then opens the window but there is no wind outside. As he looks out into the night he calls out that he is the magician Gwydion Gwyn, Math, Lord of Gwynedd. Suddenly the wind arrives and he throws the whistle out. The wind takes at away but then returns the gift within a few seconds. The whistle that arrives back is very different than the flimsy tin whistle that was given. The larger pipe is glowing blue and totally transformed in shape and size. Arianwen now begins to spin a web on the bedroom mirror while Gwyn watches in wonder.

The Arianwen reveals a window of web Arianwen shows the city

A white tower Children and adults are at the center

In the web he sees a white tower, a city with other children. He can hear a bell chiming and childrens singing in the distance. Everything is white and clear. He calls out to Bethan thinking that he sees her. At that moment, Gwyn's mother (perfect timing) comes upstairs and thus breaks the spell. She comes into the bedroom brushes away the cobweb that Arianwen made. She tucks Gwyn into bed but can still hear singing in the night. She questions him about it but thinks that it may be the Lloyds (neighbours) The next day Gwyn prepares for school and then makes his way to catch the school bus. He passes Nain's house on the way. Gwyn makes a big mistake by telling Alun that he (Gwyn) is a magician. The other children overhear this and think he is mad.

Back at the farm - life goes on Nain watches the progress of Gwyn Alun's house

Other children off to school School bus arrives Alun is told of the developments

Gwyn tries to make Alun believes the story but Alun insults Nain by saying she is a bit batty. Alun does not believe him and thinks Gwyn was dreaming. It gets worse when Gwyn says that he has seen another planet, he can create the wind and heard singing in a white city. Alun calls him a liar - a rotten liar and runs off. The other children all hear this. Gwyn rushes off to find Nain. He finds her all dressed up and looking very elegant. Gwyn thinks she is dressed as a Princess. He tells her of the pipe that went and came back. He tells her of the voices in the pipe and she tells him of Math who could hear things from very far away. He then tells her of the web and she asks for more details. He tells her of the white city in the clouds and a silver bell chiming in a clear tower. He tells her of the children waving to him. Nain is overjoyed as she realises that he is almost there in achieving his hearts desire. She goes and gets a book which is written in old Welsh. He cannot translate it but Nain can and she begins to read sections from the book. Gwyn questions the book and Nain informs him that her Great Great Grandmother was a witch and that it was she who left the five gifts. She also tells him that the horse must never be given to the wind as there is something evil about it. It cannot be burnt or destroyed and so must be kept secret. Gwyn asks if Nain is a witch but she says that the power never came to her but that she knew the very moment Gwyn was born that he had the power. Nain is furious when Gwyn tells her that he has confided in Alun. She reminds him of the dangers of abusing his powers. She tells him to go home and eat the food on his table. Gwyn realises that he must now give another gift to the wind.

Nain explains what the myths are Gwyn gives another gift to the wind The yellow scarf goes next

A silver ship is coming It gets closer Overhead now

Small snow flakes fall from the ship Gwyn falls unconsiousce

Gwyn goes back home and eventually to bed. He awakes in the night and asks Arianwen what to do next. Gwyn goes onto the mountain yet again and this time gives the seaweed to the wind. He calls out the name Bethan as it is taken by the wind. As he turns away, the yellow scarf also leaves his possession. Both items are taken by the wind. As he looks up, he sees a shining silver sailing ship in the sky. It moves towards him. Eventually it passes over him and large silver snow flakes fall onto him. Gwyn falls to the ground unconscious with the cold.

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