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The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo

The Snow Spider Story Part Three

Gwyn tells Alun what has happened Gwyn is isolated at school Alun has told the other boys

Arianwen spins a web A white city and a silver ship Gwyn watches the events

Gwyn goes to Alun's house that morning. He tells Alun of his adventure and of the of silver sailing ship. Alun does not believe him and so Gwyn asks him not tell anyone. The next day at school, all the children tease Gwyn by calling him a looney. Alun has not kept his promise. Later that day Alun goes to see Gwyn and to apologise for telling. Gwyn tells him to shove off and not to bother him again. Back at the house, Gwyn is not hungry. His mother asks him what happened with Alun but he will not tell her anything. Back in his bedroom, Arianwen is again spinning a web. The white city and the silver sailing ship both appear along with the chiming bell and the childrens music. He can see the children playing outside and then they start to wave to him. He is sure he can see Bethan in the city. The image then fades away.

Back at school it has been snowing Boys gang up on Gwyn Eilis is introduced

At school the next day the local boys are teasing Gwyn. On the same day the whole class is introduced to Eirlys who has come to stay in the village for a while. During playtime, the boys all gang up and throw a snowball with a rock inside at Gwyn. It hits him in the face and that is followed by another one. Gwyn falls down and then points his hand at the boys. From his hand a white ball of energy flies and hits Dewi Davies in the face. Dewi goes down hurt. The boys then all rush over and start kicking Gwyn on the ground. Mr. James goes and helps the other boy but does not see Gwyn. Eirlys goes to help Gwyn instead. Alun has watched all this but not taken part. On the way home Eirlys is again there to help Gwyn and Alun shows a little jealousy at losing his best friend. Gwyn takes Eirlys to his home. She looks remarkably like Bethan which does not go unmissed by Gwyn's mother and father. Gwyn's father is especially struck by the likeness to Bethan. Ivor Griffiths manner and attitude completely change and he even offers to take her home in the farm jeep.

Mr James and Eilis The beginning of the fight Gwyn comes off worst

Pretty soon after, the parents of Dewi Davies arrive wanting to punish Gwyn for throwing a rock at their son. Gwyn's father sticks up for Gwyn and refuses to accept that Gwyn was in the wrong. Mrs. Davies is adamant that Gwyn is weird. Gwyn uses his power to take a pinch at Mrs. Davies backside. She jumps up with a start and blames firstly the family dog (he is outside) and then the cat (Long John) but is asleep on the other side of the room. Mrs. Davies and her husband leave quickly. Once they are gone, the Griffiths family all start laughing. Gwyn thanks his dad for his support. His father then suggests that Eirlys should come to tea. Gwyn says he will ask her up on Saturday. At the weekend the two are walking around the farm. They have so much fun that Gwyn asks his mum if Eirlys can stay the night. His father suggests using Bethan's room but his mother refuses. They go and visit Nain who this time serves no nettle tea. Nain is taken by the girl whose name means "Snowdrop." Gwyn tells Nain of his new vision and she is excited but concerned by some of his thoughts. Nain suspects Eirlys knows something about what is going on. Gwyn goes looking for Arianwen, he has not seen the spider for several days and he wishes to show Eirlys her. He tells Eirlys that he thinks she has come from the city in the clouds. Father arrives to take Eirlys home.

Mr. Griffiths is introduced to Gwyns friend Dewi Davies parents arrive They leave when Mrs Davies is pinched

The Griffiths all have a good laugh Gwyn and Eirlys on the farm Gwyn asks if Eirlys can stay over

Mrs. Griffiths refuses to allow Eirlys to stay in Bethan's old room Gwyn takes Eirlys to see Nain

Still looking for Arianwen, Gwyn is told by his mother that she put a grey spider down the drain and drowned it. Gwyn is desperate thinking that he has lost Arianwen forever. He goes to his bedroom and looks at his gifts. He only has the horse left. He hears voices warning him not to use the horse. He thinks that he must sacrifice all to get Arianwen back and so gives the horse to the wind.

Gwun only has the broken metal horse left The horse is taken by the wind The weather takes a turn for the worst

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The Snow Spider
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