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The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo Adapted by Julia Jones


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The Snow Spider was written by the great author Jenny Nimmo and published in book form in 1986. It was an instant hit and became winner of the Smarties Grand Prix. Television soon realised what a magical and mystical book had been written and swiftly responded by turning it into a children's fantasy drama. I believe it was first televised in 1989 by Harlech television before HTV took it. Julia Jones did a fantastic job adapting the screenplay for television.

The book (shown below) concerns the adventures of a young boy called Gwyn Griffiths, who lives in a remote hill farm in Wales. His life is not easy especially as Gwyn's sister (Bethan) vanished on the mountains some time ago and Gwyn's father blames him for the loss. We are instantly hooked when Sian Phillips enters the farm house and wishes Gwyn a Happy Birthday. She gives him her gifts and then says,

"Time to find out if you are a magician, Gwydion Gwyn"

Time to remember your ancestors,

Math, Lord of Gwynedd, Gwydion and Gilfaethwy

Coupled with the haunting theme music, so begins a truly wonderful adventure series for children and adults of all ages.

The Snow Spider book (shown below) and Emly's Moon - were the two books in a trilogy, The Chestnut Soldier being the third book in the series.

Remember that the second and third books in the trilogy can be found here by clicking in the table below.

The Snowspider Book One
Emlyn's Moon Book Two
The Chestnut Soldier Book Three

The Snowspider

Book One

Emlyn's Moon

Book Two

The Chestnut Soldier

Book Three


The Snow Spider Front Cover The Snow Spider Back Cover

A video was released as well

The Snow Spider The Snow Spider

The Snow Spider Characters

Gwydion Gwyn
Nain (Gwyn's Grandmother)
Gwyn's mum (Mrs Griffiths)
Gwyn's mum (Glenys Griffiths)
Gwyn's father (Mr Griffiths)
Gwyn's father (Ivor Griffiths)
Eirlys (Bethan look a like)
Bethan - missing sister of Gwyn
Bethan (missing sister)
Alun - Gwyn's best friend
Alun - Gwyn's best friend
Griffiths Family Cat
Griffiths Family Cat
The Doctor
The Doctor
Village Children
Village Children
More Children
More Village Children
Mr James
Mr. James
Mrs Davies
Mrs. Davies
The Gifts
The Five Birthday Gifts
Alun's mum and dad
Alun's mum and dad

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The Snow Spider
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Cast and Credits

Gwyn Osian Roberts
Nain Sian Phillips
Glenys Sharon Morgan
Ivor Robert Blythe
Eirlys Rosslyn Killick
Alun Gareth Pritchard
Mrs. Lloyd Jill Richards
Mr. Lloyd Glan Davies
Mrs. Davies Gillian Elisa
Mr. Davies Ifan Huw Dafydd
Mr. James Norman Comer
Doctor Noel Williams
PC Price John McAvoy
Searcher T. Graham Williams
With Esyllt Davies, Vanessa Halligan, Spike Hood, Jethro Hood
Mari Howells, Andrew Powell, Dion Davies, Louis Moreno
Edmund Jones, Geraint Venables, Adam Groves and Rhys Watkins
Cameras Bill Spiers and Bill Gibbs
Sound Derek Edwards and Richard Bennett
Vision Control John Moses
Vision mixer Lisa Burgum
Floor Manager Artie Thomas
Production Secretary Leona Shorten
Production Buyer Ceri Lowe
Make-up Jane Bevans and Sally Adams
Costume Graham Meethoo and Sue Rawsthorne
Stage Manager Elinor Roberts
Production Manager Gwynne Williams
Production Assistant Bev Tatham
VTR Editor Bob McAleese and Bruno Mansi
Graphics Mole Burrett and Mick Winning
Snow Effects MIRAGE
Spider Animations Stylus Video Graphics
Video Effects David Cassidy
Music Danny Chang
Lighting Director Don McAllister
Design Phil Williams and Chris Morris
Executive Producers Peter Elias Jones and Peter Murphy
Produced and Directed by Pennant Roberts

Credit Credit Credit

Credit Credit Credit

Credit Credit Credit

Credit Credit Credit

HTV Credit