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© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission

Little Gems - Bod

Bod's Dream

Bod's Dream

Bod is asleep and is dreaming, dreaming of strawberries and cream. A huge bowl of strawberries and cream and it looks fantastic. The next morning Bod awakens with the dream still firmly on his mind. He is so fixed on the strawberries and cream that he does not see Frank the postman coming towards him. Bod does not even hear Frank say hello and carries on walking past him. Frank on the other hand, is now concerned as to why Bod did not hear him. He becomes obsessed with what Bod is thinking about and so follows him. They soon come across farmer Barleymow and both Frank and Bod ignore him. Bod does not see him as he is thinking about strawberries and cream, whilst Frank does not see him as he is wondering what Bod is thinking about. So farmer Barleymow wonders what Frank is thinking about and so follows him. The trio soon run into Aunt Flo who says hello. All three of the friends do not hear her as they have other things on their minds. Aunt Flo now wonders what they are thinking about and so follows farmer Barleymow.

Bod is fast asleep dreaming He's dreaming of strawberries

The others follow Bod to find out what he is thinking about PC Copper arrives at the hole

What is this at the bottom of the hole PC Copper likes strawberries

They pursue each other through the hills until they come to a large hole in the road. Bod does not see the hole and falls in. Frank, farmer Barleymow and Aunt Flo do not see the hole and all fall in. Inside the hole it is very dark. Soon, PC Copper arrives on the seen and discovers the hole. He puts up warning signs to stop people from falling down. He then hears voices and uses his torch to look into the hole. Inside he sees the foursome who are all very surprised to find themselves beside a huge bowl guessed it strawberries and cream. They offer some to PC Copper but he is on duty and may not partake in strawberries and cream. They do, however, save him one to keep under his helmet for later.

Bod in the Park

Bod in the Park

Bod is off to the park. He asks Frank the postman if he would like to come. Frank, however, declines the kind offer as he has to cut his lawn. Aunt Flo, PC Copper and Farmer Barleymow all go with Bod. Bod is busy feeding the birds, whilst Aunt Flo gets lost in the flowers. PC Copper settles in a chair for forty winks. Barelymow goes rowing in a small boat even though he is not very good with the oars.

Frank the Postman is busy mowing his lawn The others want to go tothe park

Aunt Flo loves flowers Barleymow loves boats

PC Copper wants forty winks Bod is feeding the birds

The naughty geese have frightened the birds away The geese help Frank

Bod is very happy feeding the birds until the noisy larger geese arrive and chase all the small birds away. Barleymow helps get rid of one goose, but the rest are still annoying Bod. Eventually help arrives from PC Copper who marches the geese away with his policeman's whistle. The geese all head for Franks garden and begin snipping away at the grass and leave Frank several nice eggs.

Bod and the Rain

Bod and the Rain

It is a very hot day and Bod is high up in a tree cooling off. As he sits there, he sees Frank the postman. Frank is pushing his bike up the hill, looking forward to free wheeling down the other side. He says hello to Bod and then heads off as he still has more letters to deliver. On the way down two letters escape from his post bag and get blown by the wind. Bod catches one and finds that it is addressed to Aunt Flo. He decides to take it to her. The other letter is caught by Farmer Bareleymow who also finds that it is addressed to Aunt Flo.

Bod is up in a tree Here comes Frank

Mail for Aunt Flo Well caught PC Copper

You too Barleymow Stuck on the end of his pitch fork

Aunt Flo is in the garden Letters from her cousin and sister

Aunt Flo is busy watering her flowers when Frank appears. He explains that he had post for her but somehow the letters have been mislaid. At that moment, Bod arrives and gives the letter to Aunt Flo. It is from her sister Alice who lives in Australia. She is coming to visit soon. Farmer Barelymow appears with the other letter. It is from her cousin Cuthbert who lives with Eskimos. They all help Aunt Flo who has a leaky hosepipe as she waters the garden. Bod looks up at a cloud and wonders if it might rain. At that moment it starts to rain and helps water the garden.

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Bod Credit Bod Credit

Little Gems is very much obliged to Alison Cole who granted permission to retain the visual elements of "Bod" (© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission)