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© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission

Little Gems - Bod

Bod and the Cake

Bod and the Cake

Bod receives a telephone call from Aunt Flo inviting him to tea. She is making a chocolate cake. She asks him to invite PC Copper, Frank and Barleymow as well. She asks Bod to ring her before they arrive to remind her to take the cake out of the oven. Everyone is busy but makes double time efforts to finish their work so they can go to tea at Aunt Flo's.

Bod has been invited to tea He is doing a jigsaw but must hurry

Bod telephones Barleymow Barleymow has also been invited but he has to first tend the cows

Barleymow telephones Frank Frank is very busy as well

Frank telephones PC Copper He needs to finish his work

The arrive at number twenty three where Aunt Flo lives. Poor Bod feels terrible as he has suddenly remembered that he forgot to remind Aunt Flo about the cake. Aunt Flo had actually forgot to put the cake in the oven so it is quite alright. The others, however, are a little disappointed but do not show it. They all tuck in to sandwiches and tea. Aunt Flo promises to bake the cake tomorrow and invite them all round for tea once again.

Bod and the Kite

Bod and the Kite

Bod has beautiful red kite and wants to fly it. He goes up to the top of a small hill and tries to fly the kite. Alas, it comes down very quickly. Along comes Frank the Postman who offers to tie it to his bicycle and then rides down the hill in an attempt to get the kite to fly. Alas that too fails. Soon, Farmer Barleymow comes along with his big tractor and pulls the kite along but that too fails. Eventually PC Copper arrives with the police helicopter. He is using it today to spot traffic jams. He attaches the kite to the helicopter and tries to get it to fly but it ends in failure.

Bod has red kite Frank tries to help

Barleymow tries to help PC Copper tries to help

Picnic time Bod dreams of kites

Eventually Aunt Flo arrives with a lovely picnic to cheer them all up. What a lovely idea and pretty soon everyone tucking in to the food. Bod soon drifts off to sleep and dreams of kites. Back in the real world, his red kite is suddenly picked up by a breeze and it sails into the air. The others are all very impressed that Bod has somehow managed to fly the kite.

Bod and the Birds

Bod and the birds

Bod is helping farmer Barleymow. He is making something for Aunt Flo but what can it be. Bod soon finds that is it a bird table as Aunt Flo likes the birds especially in her garden. Aunt Flo is very pleased to receive the table it promptly puts it in her garden. Aunt Flo has also been busy making a scarecrow for Barleymow. He wants to get rid of the birds from his corn field. Barleymow does not like the birds as they eat his seed.

Bod is helping Barleymow Barleymow has made a birdtable

Aunt Flo has made a scarecrow It does not appear to work

Neither does the bird table appear to work Bod's idea does work Picnic time

Barleymow is pleased with his scarecrow and puts it in his corn field. Aunt Flo's garden still has no birds whilst Barleymow's field is full of them What can they do. PC Copper tells them to speak to Bod as he will no what to do. Bod suggests that Barleymow and Aunt Flo swap items. Aunt Flo and Barleymow do just that and soon, Aunt Flo's garden is full of birds and the corn field does not have a single one. Aunt Flo makes up a picnic in the corn field and they all settle down and eat.

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Little Gems is very much obliged to Alison Cole who granted permission to retain the visual elements of "Bod" (© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission)