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© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission

Little Gems - Bod

Bod and the Grasshopper

Bod and the Grasshopper

Bod is watching a grasshopper. It hops off and Bod hops off after it. Frank the postman sees Bod and wonders what he is up to. Frank leaves his post bicycle and hops after Bod. Soon Aunt Flo, PC Copper and Barleymow are all hopping after Frank and Bod.

Bod is watching a grasshopper Soon all the group are hopping after the grasshopper

Barelymow hops as well A swan's nest

An abandoned car A lost sheep

A badger's set Bod is so impressed

Whilst hopping through the countryside, Frank sees a Swan's nest, PC Copper spies a stolen abandoned car, Aunt Flo sees a Badger's set and Barleymow finds his lost sheep. It is amazing what you can find on the trail of a Grasshopper.

Bod's Present

Bod's Present

It is Christmas time and Bod has a present to deliver to Aunt Flo. It is snowing very heavily outside but Bod must make it to her house as it is Christmas Eve. Whilst trudging through the snow he comes across Frank, Barleymow and PC Copper. They all have presents addressed to Aunt Flo and want to deliver them to her house. Unfortunately the snow is getting heavier and soon all four of them are buried in the white flakes. Only the presents are visible. They are all very cold but cannot move.

It is Christmas Eve and snowing Everyone has gifts

Father Christmas arrives The four friends are lost in the snow

Santa picks up the presents The four are rescued

They get a lift with Santa They all help with the delivery of presents

Bod arrives down Aunt Flo's chimney They have all bought hats for her Bod has caught a cold

Soon it is night time and midnight arrives. Father Christmas and his sleigh are high in the sky when he spots the four presents. He lands on the snow and sees they are addressed to Aunt Flo. He decides to deliver them but finds Bod attached to the first blue present. Pretty soon everyone is out of the snow and Santa offers them a lift to Aunt Flo's. As they have made him a little late they help him deliver the presents on his sleigh to the town where Bod lives. Bod appears at the bottom of Aunt Flo's chimney (thank goodness she did not have a fire lit). Aunt Flo is startled by the sudden appearance but soon everyone hands over their presents. It would seem they have all bought her hats but each one is a different colour. Aunt Flo has bought them all handkerchiefs which comes in pretty handy as Bod has caught a cold being out in the snow.

Bod and the Cherry tree

Bod and the Cherry Tree

Aunt Flo is a little sad. It is Autumn and the leaves are falling of her Cherry Blossom tree. Bod cheers her up by reminding her that in order for the Blossom to appear, the leaves must first fall off. She is a little happier now. Later on in the year, the blossom appears and the tree looks wonderful. Aunt Flo the realises that the blossom will soon fall off. She is a little sad until Bod reminds her that the blossom must come off in order for the cherries to grow. Soon the cherries appear and Aunt Flo is happy. Everyone agrees to help pick the cherries the next day.

Aunt Flo is sad It is Autumn

She is happy to see the blossom but not for long The tree is full of cherries

Everyone agrees to help pick the cherries in the morning The birds have eaten all the cherries

When Frank, Bod, Barleymow and PC Copper arrive the next day, they find that the birds have eaten every last cherry from the tree. Aunt Flo is very sad but then Bod reminds her that the birds need to eat the cherries as they are food for the little birds. The tree is then full of life with singing birds. That makes Aunt Flo very happy.

An so ends a remarkable but very simple animated childrens series. Anyone having thoughts, memories, comments etc. then please email me at the address at the top of the page.

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Bod Credit Bod Credit

Little Gems is very much obliged to Alison Cole who granted permission to retain the visual elements of "Bod" (© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission)