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© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission

Little Gems - Bod

Bod and Breakfast

Bod and breakfast

Bod is off to see Farmer Barleymow and is surprised to see Aunt Flo, PC Copper and Frank the postman standing in the fields around the farm. He soon finds out that the farm animals have escaped and everyone is helping get them back to the farm. Farmer Barleymow also wants to do up part of his farm into a bed and breakfast.

Bod is off to Barlemow All of Bod's friends are there

The animals have escaped Frank rounds up the cows

PC Copper takes care of the pigs Barleymow considers bed and breakfast

Frank helps decorate Bod plays with the little animals

PC Copper arrives with signs Bed and breakfast is complete

The others help him decorate and get things ready for the arrival of three guests who have booked in. The guests turn out to be Bod, PC Copper and Frank. In this episode we find that Frank is a bit of a dab hand at internal decorating and loves nothing better than putting up wall paper (tried it once, useless at it, never again).

Bod and the Apple

Bod and the Apple

Bod has a lovely red apple. He throws into the air but it does not come down. Aunt Flo arrives and asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is waiting for his apple to come down and so she decides to wait with him. Soon Frank the postman arrives and asks what they are doing. Frank too decides to stay with them and wait for the apple. A little later, farmer Barelymow arrives and he too ends to waiting with the group who are waiting for the apple to come down. Hence they are all standing in a row waiting for Bod's apple to come down. They do look rather silly.

Bod has an apple He is waiting for it to come down

PC Copper tells them they are very silly Bod's apple comes down with a bump

The others are shocked Poor Bod

Everyone has apples They all throw them in the air

Pretty soon PC Copper arrives and asks what they are doing. They tell him and he tells them that they are behaving very silly and should surely have better things to do with their time. Each of the friends decides he is correct and so decide to leave Bod waiting for his apple. Aunt Flo suggests that Bod needs his bump felt, at which precise moment, the apple comes down and gives poor Bod a bump on the head. Now he does have a bump on his head to be felt. They all buy apples and throw them up into the air while Bod eats his. This time all the apples come down.

Bod on the Beach

Bod on the Beach

It is a lovely sunny day and Bod and his friends are going to the beach. Bod, Aunt Flo, PC Copper, Farmer Barleymow and Frank the postman board the train and travel to the seaside. Almost as soon as they arrive though, the sun goes behind some clouds. Frank relaxes, whilst PC Copper is buried in the sand by Bod. Aunt Flo goes looking for shells as farmer Barleymow fishes. Bod then borrows PC Copper's helmet and uses it to build sandcastles.

Bod and company are going to the beach They travel by train

Lots of sand on the beach Where has the sun gone ? Frank relaxes

Bod uses PC Copper's helmet Aunt Flo is tranded The tide has come in too fast

Everyone rushes to help PC Copper's helmet saves the day

While everyone is having a good time, they do not notice that the tide is coming in fast. Soon Aunt Flo is stranded on a small rock surrounded by water. Quick thinking PC Copper tells Bod to give his helmet to Frank. Frank then passes it to Barleymow who attaches his fishing line to it before sending it out to Aunt Flo. She uses it to get to shore as she cannot swim. All's well that ends well, although PC Copper gets covered in little fish when he puts back on his helmet.

Bod and the Dog

Bod and the Dog

Bod is thinking about what sort of dog he would like to have. He sees Aunt Flo and then wonders what sort of dog she would have. A Poodle thinks Bod. He then sees Frank the postman and wonders the same about him. A terrier thinks Bod. Along comes Barleymow whom Bod thinks would have a Sheep dog. PC Copper then appears and Bod thinks he would have an Alsatian as a pet dog.

What sort of dog for Bod A Poodle for Aunt flo

A terrier for Frank A sheep dog for Barleymow

An Alsatian for PC Copper Bod is adopted by a stray dog

Bod still cannot think of the type of dog he would have. A stray dog, however, has already made the choice for Bod. Bod now has dog of his own.

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End credit End credit

Little Gems is very much obliged to Alison Cole who granted permission to retain the visual elements of "Bod" (© Michael Cole Estate, by kind permission)