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The Herbs

The Herbs Episode Guide Three

Parsley and the Circus Lion Parsley is behaving strangely. Dill gets a fright. Sir Basil upsets the newcomer to the garden but is saved from Lady Rosemary who realises that the new Parsley is not really Parsley at all but an escaped circus lion. Constable Knapweed is chasing the wrong lion in the garden. Which one is the escaped lion ?

My name is Aunty Mint,

if you should see me sitting,

don't think I'm doing nothing,

for I'm busy with my knitting.

I'm a very neat herb and my name is Miss Jessop

I like everything tidy and all just in place

but all of the other herbs make such a mess up

the state of the garden is a dreadful disgrace.

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Left - Dill asleep in his kennel dreaming of bones

Centre - Parsley climbing up the giant beanstalk

Right - Parsley finds a large egg in the nest at the top of the beanstalk

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Left - Lady Rosemary and Sir Basil

Right - Parsley playing tricks (unaware that his tail has been shot off) after being shot by Sir Basil - Dill is at the side howling.

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A second series of adventures was also written by Michael Bond. These were titled "THE ADVENTURES OF PARSLEY." This series continued where the Herbs left off and contained many of the original characters but mainly concentrated on Parsley the Lion and Dill the Dog. A total of Three Herbs Videos and Two The Adventures of Parsley Videos have been released on VHS. Even now they can still be picked up from certain shops. The Herbs was narrated by Gordon Rollings who later went on to do several adverts for "John Smiths" as Arkwright (thanks to Greenman).

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