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The Herbs

The Herbs Episode Guide One

Parsley's Tail. Parsley is wandering around the garden minding his own business when he decides to surprise Sir Basil...disaster...Sir Basil is so startled by Parsley's roar that he falls back and fires his gun accidentally shooting his tail off. Poor Parsley does not know that he has lost his tail and pretends to be hurt. Sir Basil panics and calls for his wife Lady Rosemary. She realizes Parsley is acting but soon everyone realizes that Parsley's tail has indeed been lost. All the Herbs (Sir Basil, Lady Rosemary, Dill and Bayleaf try and help poor, poor Parsley but Sage (the wise owl) comes to the rescue. All's well that ends well, alas for poor Sage this is not true.

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I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley,

with a tail for doing jobs of every kind,

but I mustn't treat it roughly or too harshly,

for it's such a useful thing to have behind.

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Sage's Nest Blows Down. After the missing tail episode, Sage finds that his nest has fallen out of the tree. Sage is not very impressed at all, in fact he is very very angry especially as it is now starting to rain. All the other Herbs come up with ideas to get the nest back in the tree again. Here we meet one of the rarer Herbs - Pashana Bedhi. Parsley believes an Indian herb may hold the key to the problem. In the end Parsley is correct and returns the favour (remember - Sage helped Parsley when his tail had been shot off), by helping sort the problem using Pashana's tricks.

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I'm a rather fat feathery owl called sage,

I'm not at all happy in fact in a rage,

it's bad enough having ones home all upset,

but to make matters worse all my feathers are wet.

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Bella Donna the Witch. The evil Bella Donna turns up in the garden and fairly soon she has most of the Herbs under her scheming spell. She casts a spell turning herself into a harmless little old lady (amazing how you can change your appearance by placing a scarf over your head). Only Parsley and Dill the Dog can save the day provided Dill wakes up from dreaming about bones - Wake up Dill.

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I am Sir Basil the King of the herbs,

and I'm very often in trouble,

I'm not very good at sorting things out and

often get in a muddle.

Tarragon and the Eggs. Another rare sighting in the Herb garden was Tarragon the Dragon. He turns up in this story after Bayleaf accidentally spills some super fertilizer on the ground which causes a giant beanstalk to appear. The top of it vanishes into the clouds and it is up to brave Parsley to climb the beanstalk to discover what is at the top. After falling down the stalk he places a bucket on his head and climbs again. At the top he discovers a large egg which he brings down. When it hatches, out pops Tarragon the Dragon.

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My name is Lady Rosemary,

you will find you cannot fool me.

I have eyes both sharp and quick,

to help me see through every trick.

Sage's Singing Lesson. Sage cannot sing to save his life. His screeching attempts are driving all the other Herbs mad. Sir Basil actually believes that a wild Hyena is loose in the garden. Send for Signor Solidago the music teacher, maybe he can help poor Sage. In the end though he cannot and so admits defeat. It is left up to Bedi to solve the problem by giving Sage a magic potion. Will the Herbs ever recover.

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I'm Bayleaf, I'm the gardener,

I work from early dawn,

you'll find me sweeping up the leaves and

tidying the lawn

Strawberry Picking. Bayleaf the gardener (for Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary) is losing things, first to go is the wheelbarrow, then the strawberries also disappear. Parsley the lion is blamed but Parsley is good and friendly lion and wouldn't do such a thing. Who is the mysterious strawberry thief ?

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I am Constable Knapweed

and I keep law and order,

I watch to see that all is well

along the garden border.

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