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The Herbs

The Herbs Episode Guide Two

Sir Basil's Fishing Expedition. Sir Basil likes hunting and shooting but most of all he likes fishing. Unfortunately for Sir Basil his only catch of the day happens to be poor Sage's nest. The nest falls apart when it gets dragged out of the tree. Poor Sage has nowhere to live. Parsley and Dill the Dog come to the rescue.

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I'm Dill the dog,

I'm a dog called Dill.

I'm rather small and furry

and often in a hurry...pant...pant....pant

I'm Dill the dog

I'm a dog called Dill

though my tail I'd love to get

I've never caught it yet

The Show. All the garden Herbs decide to put on a show but as usual things do not go as planned.

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Belladonna is my name,

I'm the deadly nightshade flower

I shall never be content till

all the herbs are in my power.

The Chives Catch Colds. Parsley rings the School bell. It is time for the chives to go to school. Whilst doing their sums they all start sneezing and coughing. The Chives have caught a cold. Parsley rings the bell for Aunt Mint to come. Aunt Mint think Parsley has messed up the knitting wool when really it was Dill the Dog. Aunt Mint though saves the day by knitting the small chives jumpers to keep them warm.

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I am Pashana Bedi,

very good at snake charming,

snakes that have by me been charmed

will not anyone be harming.

Pashna Bedi the Snake Charmer Pashna lives at the back of the Herb garden. He is showing Parsley how to charm his snakes, although he is now very tired. During one of his show, he falls asleep just as the snake comes out. The snake escapes into the Herb garden. Confusion reigns supreme as a very fierce Parsley thinks Bayleaf's hose pipe is the missing snake.

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Miss Jessop Tides Up Miss Jessop is staying with Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary. She is soon out and about cleaning and tidying. She is appalled by the state of the garden (all the flowers are in need of a good dusting) and the even more so when she sees what a mess Parsley is in. She sends him back to his den until he cleans himself up. She spies Dill and sends him away to clean his paws. What can the Herbs do to get rid of her.

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I'm Tarragon the Dragon

I'd better make it clear,

that nothing's safe when I'm about

things seem to disappear

Mr Onion

Because there are so many chives,

all looking like each other

it makes it even hard to tell

the difference between a sister and a brother

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