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The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom

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Written by Matthew Smith Skeet's House Told By Jon Pertwee

The Little Green Man

This wonderful 10 minute animated cartoon appeared in the 1980s (not sure of exact date) on ITV. Matthew Smith produced and wrote the original stories and this was superbly transferred from paper to film. Each episode lasted a shade under 10 minutes and at least eleven episodes (I am told that thirteen were actually made) were screened on what was Children's ITV. What made this animated series even better was the narration by former Dr. Who Jon Pertwee - who was a most unlikely narrator for this cartoon but having seen the series, proved to be the best choice since he put on all the voices for Greenie and Co.. The series began with Skeet (a young boy whose name was Sydney Keets) receiving a visitor from space who he called "Greenie." Greenie arrived along with his companion "Zoom Zoom" a small bright star like creature which defied gravity. Unless they actually wanted to (by materialising), The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom were never seen by any other person except Skeets. The Little Green Man had magical powers and whenever he wanted to use them, two small radar like antennae would appear out of the side of his head and two yellow beams would be fired at whatever object / person Greenie wanted to influence. The Little Green Man knew very little about Earth and was here to gather information. Quite often his data would be confused such as being frightened of monkeys but not lions.

Three videos of The Little Green Man were released in the 1990s (two of which had the same episodes but different label).

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Episode List

The Visitor from Space
There's no fun like snow fun
Up, up and away
Greenie thro' the looking glass
Help for the Duke
Monkey Tricks
Skeet's Scarf
A trip to the Circus
An adventure in Space
A Fishy Tale
A bicycle made for three


The Little Green Man
The Little Green Man (Greenie)
Sydney Keets
Skeets (Sydney Keets)
Zoom Zoom
Zoo Keepers
Zoo Keepers
The Locals
The locals
The Police Officer
The Police Officer
The Thief
The Thief
The Strongman
The Strongman
Nasty Circus Man
Nasty Titus
Nice trapeze artist
Daring Desmond
The Circus Ringmaster
King of the white planet
King of the white planet
The nasty Robot
The rebellious Robot
The nasty Fisherman
The grumpy Fisherman
Skeet's girlfriend
Jenny (Skeet's girlfriend)
Friendly farmer
Farmer Tom
Friend of Farmer Tom
Another nasty man
Stone Throwing nasty man
The Mechanic
Old Bob the Mechanic
The football ticket man
The football ticket man

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Main Page Monkey Tricks A Trip to the Circus A Fishy Tale
The Little Green Man
Main Page
The Little Green Man
Episodes - Monkey Tricks
& Skeet's Scarf
The Little Green Man
Episodes - A Trip to the Circus
& An Adventure in Space
The Little Green Man
Episodes - A Fishy Tale
& A Bicycle made for three


Told By Jon Pertwee
Animation Rose Welsh & Joanne Gooding
Backgrounds Martin Hazelgrave
Title Music Matt Flowers-Smith
Arranged Ray Chester and Hugh Finnigan
Title Music sung By Children of Trinity Comprehensive School, Nottingham
Played by Paul Joyce
Rostrum Camera Arthur S Johns & Jeremy Moorshead
Edited by David Hamilton Jones
Sound by Peter Walters
Written by Matthew smith
Produced by Matthew smith
A Central Television Production

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