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The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom

The Little Green Man

A trip to the circus

A Trip to the Circus

A leaflet saying the circus is in town is pushed through the letterbox. Skeets wants to visit the circus. The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom have never been to the circus and are intrigued to find out what happens there. They have lots of fun at the sideshows, watching the Strongman and looking at their reflections in the hall of mirrors. They decide to have some tea and buns from the snackbar. Whilst eating, they watch the circus people practising their acts before the main event. Whilst sitting outside the trio overhear some nasty goings on in a nearby tent. They hear a voice stating that a bar has been cut and grease has been used on another bar. Out of the tent there appears a nasty looking character with a moustache. The circus is about to start and so the trio take their seats in the the big tent. They watch the clowns get wet and then the elephants come on and do their tricks. Soon Daring Desmond - the trapeze artist and the star of the show Titus - the tightrope walker are on and Skeets recognises Titus and his moustache and realises that something is very wrong. Skeets realises what the voices were talking about inside the tent and that Daring Desmond may be in trouble. The Little Green Man uses his powers to save the trapeze artist from falling.

Lets visit the circus Zoom Zoom is looking forward to it The Circus

The entrance The Hall of Mirrors Time for a snack

The circus acts Nasty Titus The crowd

Daring Desmond Greenie intervenes The crowd applaud Desmond

The Little Green Man that climbs up onto the tightrope and begins walking towards Titus. the crowd believe to be part of the act but Titus knows it is not. Titus is horrified and realises he cannot walk. Lots of booing comes from the audience. Titus climbs down to a lot of booing. The tight rope walker man is still not about to give up though and this time he has put grease on one of the hanging bars. The Little Green Man starts looking for what Titus may have done to sabotage Daring Desmond. Desmond grasps the bar but then begins to fall. The Little Green man helps by using the clowns inflatable. Desmonds bounces on the bouncy inflatable and shoots up to a clean bar. The crowd all think it is part of the act and clap loudly.

Well done Greenie, as usual he has saved the day. Eventually the police arrive to take the nasty tightrope walker man away. Daring Desmond is made the star of the show.

Greenie on the tight rope Grease on the bar Nasty Titus is arrested

An Adventure in Space

An Adventure in Space

The Little Green Man, Skeets and Zoom Zoom are reading books about Space Travel. Skeets reminds the Little Green Man that he promised him a trip into space. The Little Green Man suggests that they take a trip in his spaceship right now. He goes to the window and points his antennae outside and immediately the ship appears in the garden. The Little Green Man takes the controls and they blast off. They decide to land on the White Planet where the jam trees grow. Jam is very important for the people to keep well. Skeets cannot wait to arrive. The trio are met by the King and the white people. Everyone can see the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom. Not all is well though, as their supply of Earthling Jam tarts has been vanishing and the people are very upset. They have no idea who could have done such a terrible thing. They have no Jam trees growing to replace the stolen jam tarts.

Zoom Zoom wears glasses to read ?? Time for a trip Greenies spaceship

Inside the cockpit The White Planet A trip

No tarts here The King is at a loss Nasty robot thief

Skeets, The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom investigate. The trio have some tarts with them and they use them to try and trap the thief. The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom inform Skeets that they have no magic powers whilst on the White Planet, whereas Skeets finds that he has magic powers. The culprit turns out to be a rebellious robot who has been stealing all the tarts. . Eventually they capture the robot and take back all the tarts much to the smiling of the local people. Back on Earth the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom rush back for tea. The Little Green Man jumps in through the window and lands on a table full of jam tarts. The table breaks and Greenie gets covered in jam.

The thief He is caught in the act The robot is broken

The tarts are found The people are delighted Poor Greenie

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