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The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom

The Little Green Man

A Fishy Tale

A Fish Tale

The three friends are near the river playing quite happily with one of Skeet's footballs. The ball accidentally falls over a hedge and when they go to retrieve it, they find a really grumpy fisherman who may have burst the ball in temper. He orders them to clear off and play somewhere else. The trio then play hide and seek but soon fall foul of the man again who is having a picnic. They then decide to play on the stepping stones on the river but are soon upset by the arrival of the same grumpy fisherman who pushes Skeets into the water.

Time for a game A Grumpy old man appears The ball is burst

Again the grumpy old man is encountered Skeets is pushed into the water Time for revenge

The Little Green Man decides to take matters into his own hands and he bewitches the fishing rod. Whilst the fisherman is asleep, the rod suddenly starts moving and out of the water springs a huge fish with legs, in hat and waistcoat. The fish takes out the hook and throws it at the fisherman. The fisherman cannot believe his eyes and thinks he may have had a spot of the sun. The fish introduces himself as Freddy and then two others, an eel called Ely complete with Trilby and an Irish Alligator called Mr. Crocodile who has ideas of lunch. The frightened fisherman runs off. The Little Green Man then puts everything back to normal and the trio then head onto the river in a boat.

A bite on the line Freddy the fish Ely the Eel

Mr Crocodile Time to put things back Zapppp

Nothing like a spot of boating on a hot day Zoom Zoom the pirate Watch out for the motor boat

Soon the fisherman is back and he uses his motor boat to push Skeet, the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom out of the way. No matter where their boat is rowed, the motor boat heads for them. The grumpy fisherman pushes the little boat towards the weir. Again the Little Green Man uses his powers to make the fisherman's boat go over the weir and sink beneath the waters. That'll teach that bully.

He is still coming We are going to get hit The grumpy man's boat goes over the weir

Miserable old so and so Severs him right

A Bicycle made for three

A Bicycle made for Three

Skeet's friend Jenny offers him a tandem cycle. Her dad is clearing his shed and has no more use for it. The Little Green Man, Skeets and Zoom Zoom, set off into the countryside. After a few miles of riding, the three friends stop to look at the horses. Farmer Tom, who owns the farm, is a very nice and friendly man.

Jenny offers Skeets a bike Time for a bike ride Zoom Zoom decides to fly

Nice trip in the countryside Down at the farm Riding the horse in the meadow

He lets them ride a horse (only seeing Skeets and not the other two), the horse, however, knows there is more than one on his back. Whilst riding in the meadow, the trio hear farmer Tom and his friend talking. The friendly farmer tells Tom that thousands of eggs have been stolen recently and to keep a look out. The trio soon run into trouble as a nasty troublemaker startles their horse by throwing a stone. The horse bolts and the trio are thrown into a haystack. The bully drives off quickly when the farmer comes to deal with him. Skeets, the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom soon encounter the man's broken down van. He explains that some glass has damaged the tyre. Skeets is not sure whether to help as the driver threw stones at their horse but he eventually agrees to let the garage in the local village know of the problem. The trio ride into the village to get a mechanic who actually needs help with his breakdown van which has itself broken down. The Little Green Man uses his powers to get the truck fixed and old Bob heads off to help the nasty man. It is now that Zoom Zoom tells us that he actually looked in the nasty man's van, and he saw boxes of eggs.

Luck the haystack was here A nasty piece of work Time to fix the truck

The village mechanic heads off The nasty piece of work is back on the road again Skeets and company are knocked into a ditch

Later on the road, the bully van driver knocks Skeets and the Little Green Man off their bicycle and into a ditch. The trio go looking for a policeman, and soon catch up with the van again and the Little Green Man decides to take revenge. Skeets looks inside the van and sees lots of stolen eggs. The man is returning with even more eggs. Using his powers, the Little Green Man flattens the tyre on the van.

Time to see what's inside this van Crates of eggs Flat tyre fury

When the man returns and sees his flat tyre, he is furious. He jumps up and own and then grabs a case of the eggs and leaves the van. Skeets makes off to call the police. The Little Green Man uses his powers to make all the eggs hatch and soon the man is surrounded by little yellow chicks. Zoom Zoom materialises in front of the man and flies around the man until he is so dizzy, he falls over and faints. The Little Green Man then repairs the van tyre. The police soon arrive and the man is arrested and taken away. All the eggs were then returned to their rightful owners. The trio decide that they have had enough cycling for one day and so head for home.

Chick stamping Zoom Zoom materialises The law arrives

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