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The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom

The Little Green Man

Monkey Tricks

Monkey Tricks

Skeets has a ticket Zoomzoom wants to visit the zoo A day at the zoo

A trip to the zoo Time for a snack Zoom Zoom in the snake house

Skeet has a ticket to go to the Zoo. The Little Green Man is not sure as what to expect but agrees to go and visit as he curious about animals. At the zoo they see all kinds of animals, both big and small. In the Snake House, Zoom Zoom turns himself into a snake and then materialises so everyone can see him. He soon gets a shock when the real snake wakes up and chases him around the snake pit. Zoom Zoom quickly vanishes again and all the people think it is part of the act. When they leave the snakehouse, Skeets, the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom see lots of people running away. A Lion and a Monkey have escaped from their respective cages. The trio take cover in the snack van. When the Lion appears, the Little Green Man jumps onto his back (it now we realise that Little Green Man does not know the difference between a Lion and a Monkey). Zoom Zoom follows behind holding onto the lion's tale. Soon the Lion stops and Greenie whispers into its ear. Skeet shouts to the Little Green Man. The Lion calmly returns to the cage.

Zoom Zoom spots the real snake Why is everyone running The trio hide

Greenie jumps onto the lion Greenie chats to the lion The keeper closes the cage

All the people think that Skeet's shouting made the lion go back and they all start to applaud. Skeets silently slips away to go and find Greenie.

The crowd are amazed The keepers are amazed Naught little Monkey

Later they run into the Monkey and the Little Green Man hides behind a wall. The Monkey gets into a food van and starts throwing hotdogs at everyone. Skeets soon catches the monkey and returns it to the cage. All the zookeepers are amazed at this.

Skeet's Scarf

Skeet's Scarf

Skeets takes the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom to a football match. Whilst in the ground, a robber holds up the ticket office and steals all the money. The thief then goes into the crowd to hide and steals Skeet's scarf so he blends in with the supporters. The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom see this and go off to investigate. The local police do not see the disguised thief and so the Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom decide to help them catch him. The thief makes his way into the trophy room of the football club. The Little Green Man and Zoom Zoom eventually find the thief taking a shower. What a nerve the Little Green Man thinks.

One ticket please At the football match A hold up

Blending in with the crowd The game is about to start The local supporters

Skeet's scarf is taken The police Greenie and Zoom Zoom

A policeman appears as they are now searching the grounds. The policeman speaks to the thief but carries on taking his shower. The policeman turns to leave but as he does the Little Green Man uses his power to fire water at the policeman. The Policeman is soaked and asks the man to be more careful. The thief then leaves the shower room and whilst in the trophy room, he grabs all the cups and trophies and puts them in his swag bag. He heads outside and tries to leave the ground via the main gate.

The thief is helped up In the trophy room In the Shower room

Greenie does his bit The policeman is soaked All the silver trophies and cups are taken

The match is nearly over Zoom Zoom tries to stop the thief A bad tempered Zoom Zoom

The Little Green Man asks Zoom Zoom to trip the thief up. Eventually a very angry Zoom Zoom makes the thief fall over and as he is on the ground, the policeman helps pick him up. Still the police do not see him for a thief and so the Little Green Man uses his magic rays to empty the swagbag bag in front of them. The police see all the silver ware and so arrest him. The cashier then arrives and recognises the thief. He is taken away. Skeets still has not realised that his scarf has been stolen but the day ends well for all of them.

The swagbag The game's up The cashier recognises the thief

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