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The Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree


The Singing Ringing Tree

Singing and Ringing Tree

The Handsome Prince The Prince as the Bear

Prince / Bear played by Eckart Dux

The King on his throne meeting the noble Prince He despairs at the rudeness of his daughter

King played by Charles Hans Vogt

The arrogant spoilt Princess The new kinder Princess

Princess played by Christel Bodelstein

The evil Dwarf Spies in the ground

Spies under rocks Spies out of the side of cliffs

The evil Dwarf played by Richard Kruger

The Captain of the Guard Soldiers of the Castle

Captain of the Guard and his soldiers

The poor maid

The Princess's long suffering maid

The Prince's horse

The Prince's horse

The King's Dog

The King's Dog

The white Doves

The Birds

The fish

The Fish

The White Horse

The White Horse


The end

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