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The Singing Ringing Tree

Part One

The story begins with a man on horseback who has been travelling a great distance through the countryside. At the border of a Kingdom, he is greeted by noblemen who greet him as a noble Prince come as suitor to the country's Princess. The procession leads to a castle where a great many people have come to watch him present himself to the King and ask for the Princess's hand. The Prince enters the throne room where, on a dias, sit a King and his daughter, a very haughty looking Princess. The Prince announces that he has come a long way to see the beautiful Princess and to ask for her hand. The King says that the Prince must first win her hand. The Prince offers her a gold casket. Opening it, she lets the contents, pearls, cascade on to the floor. Her father the King, stands up in horror while she smirks. Any rich man, she states, can bring such offerings. She demands more of a suitor. The King and the Prince are horrified by the action of the Princess.

The Prince and Horse rest after travelling for many leagues The Prince is met at the Kingdom's border They approach the Castle

The Prince is met by the King and Princess A Gift is presented to the Princess

A treasure chest of Pearls Our Princess is not impressed

What might that be? She is puzzled for a moment before deciding that she wants the singing and ringing tree. If he can bring her this, then the Prince can court her. The Prince is crestfallen and the King looks away sadly. No-one knows where it grows but the Prince is undaunted and takes his leave.

On his journey he asks many people where he might find the Singing and R ringing Tree. No-one knows. Crouching in some bushes, near a ravine in the mountains, a Dwarf watches the Princes's approach on horseback. The Prince's horse shies away so he ties its reins to a bush and crosses a stone bridge leading to an entrance in the huge rock face. He moves through a cleft in the rocks and enters a hidden valley, closely followed by the Dwarf.

The Dwarf announces that he is the ruler of this kingdom and that the Prince is his Prisoner. The Prince explains that he is looking for the Singing and Ringing Tree so that he may court the Princess. The Dwarf pauses and then states that he can provide the Prince with the Tree. The dwarf picks up a plant which grows into a small tree.

The Prince is delighted, wanting to know what he can offer as a reward. Ask for anything he rashly says. The Dwarf states that the tree is magic and if the Princess truly loves him then it will sing and ring. But if the tree does not ring by sunset, the Dwarf will have the Prince. The Prince is not worried and states that if it doesn't sing or ring he will also turn into a bear (a dangerous thing to say to an evil dwarf).

The Dwarf watches the Prince He's behind you!! The Prince moves through the rock entrance

Inside is a magical sight The dwarf confronts the Prince He gives the tree to the Prince - condition attached though!

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