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The Singing Ringing Tree

Part Three

The Bear crosses the ravine and enters fairyland with the Princess, whilst the Dwarf looks on, laughing.

The Princess rests by the pool and a huge fish swims towards the Bear. It is frightened away, though, by the approach of the Princess. She makes demands of the Bear who responds with a weary "Good morning". She won't wash in the pool, the swamp, she calls it-after all, she is a Princess. The Dwarf's laughter echoes in the valley.

Later, the Bear is discovered by the Princess, surrounded by birds who fly off at her approach. She makes more demands of an increasingly annoyed Bear. She will not gather moss for a bed-after all, she is a Princess. The Bear looks away sadly and the Dwarf again laughs.

The Princess picks and eats some berries distractedly. She calls to the birds to come to her. They remain where they sit, on the trees. She throws her berries and then a rock at them. They fly off in distress which brings the Bear running. She demands to know why the animals and birds keep away from her. The Bear replies that they don't love her, that her beauty means nothing to them. They sense how arrogant, heartless and obstinate she is, why if she looked how she behaved, said the Bear, her snooty nose would point skyward, her eyes would be heartless, her mouth obstinate and her hair would be mouldy. The Dwarf listens on. If that were true, stated the Princess, she would surely look like that. Horrified the Bear looks around telling her not to vow so frivolously. Too late, the dwarf has heard this.

She cries out in distress as she sees her green hair and ugly reflection in the water. She sobs. The Bear is tempted to stroke her hair but decides against this.

The fish swims away from the Princess The bear can hear the laughter of the dwarf The dwarf casts an awful spell

The bear is worried The Princess is transformed She sobs beside the water

The Bear leaves her to sleep. He begins work on widening a cave in the rock as they will need somewhere to live. The Princess greets the Bear cautiously and later acknowledges that he was right. If she helps him build, she can share the house with him, but he reasons with irony, she wouldn't because she is a Princess. She turns away, but returns to help move the rubble. They work together watched by the Dwarf who has now become angry and waves his fist at the couple.

With the house complete, the Princess returns with some flowers as a garland. Could he make the animals and birds respond to her? He can't do that, only she can, the Bear tells her. She must win their love by kindness only the Princess doesn't love anyone he reasons.

The bear is knocking out a cave in the rock face The Princess helps move the rubble The angry dwarf watches from above

The Princess collects berries for lunch, watched by the Dwarf. He causes a strong wind to blow which injures a bird. Carefully she cradles the bird and returns with it to the Bear. Ripping her dress for a bandage, she treats the bird. Outside the birds flock around the entrance and one allows itself to be picked up. She knows that her behaviour towards birds had been bad and that she will not be like that in future.

Her nose returns to normal. The Bear is amazed and delighted but the Dwarf has become more angry. At the waters edge she sees the large fish which moves towards her. Above her, the Dwarf causes the waterfall and pool to freeze imprisoning them both in ice. The Princess frees her hands and carefully makes her way out over the ice to free the fish using her shoe. The fish swims away and her face becomes beautiful once more.

Once again the Bear is delighted with her changed behaviour. He motions for her to come close, telling her that a good deed is always stronger than a bad spell. She must remember that.

The Princess is gathering moss, the horse/deer approaches. The Dwarf causes a blizzard which traps them both in a snow drift. Realising she cannot free the animal herself, she calls on the Bear for help. They work together to free the animal and finally her hair once again becomes golden. The Princess thanks the "Dear Bear". He is amazed at the endearment. He strokes her hair and tells her to return to the cave as it is freezing.

The dwarf creates a gusting wind A small white dove gets caught in the wind She nurses its broken wing

The Dawrf is again up to no good The fish swims along The dwarf casts a spell to freeze the waters

The Princess rushes to help the stranded fish The dwarf is furious with the Princess He now creates a snow storm

The White horse The snow is getting heavy The trapped horse is helped by the Princess

Her kindness is rewarded Another part of the evil spell is broken

Thwarted once more, the Dwarf destroys their home and sits in wait for her. When she arrives, the Dwarf tells her that the Bear, mean and cruel, has destroyed the house as he was jealous of her Castle. She finds this hard to believe as the Bear has only ever shown kindness. The Dwarf says that he will help her to escape, for if the Bear finds them together, he will surely kill them both. She is still reluctant so the Dwarf conjures images of her home and fine things. But no, she will not leave the Bear. Finally the Dwarf says that her father is on his deathbed and is asking for her. She leaves the mountains in distress.

Once at the Castle, no-one recognises her. She discovers that her father is not dead, but has been looking for her for a year. She concludes that the Dwarf was lying to her about everything. She hears a soft tinkling sound. In the garden, her little tree is singing and ringing and she realises that the Bear must, in fact, be the handsome Prince. Picking up the tree she sets off for the mountains.

The Bear is distraught. Their house is destroyed and the Princess has gone. The bridge across the ravine collapses.

The Princess finds her way blocked by a huge hedge with thorns that cuts her hands. She calls for help and the horse/deer jumps her across the barrier. Again the Dwarf tries to stop her by flooding the valley. Hearing her call, the fish allows her to climb on its back and then swims across. The Dwarf causes the waters to recede trapping her in the ravine but the birds form a garland to fly her out. The Princess accuses the Dwarf of being a filthy liar but he snatches away the singing and ringing tree. The Dwarf does not want the little tree to sing in fairyland so he surrounds it in flames. Thinking that he has finally stopped her, he flies around laughing.

The Princess braves the flames, walking through the fire to embrace the little tree. The tree sings and rings. The flames die away and the Dwarf falls into a huge hole. The dried up valley becomes green. The Bear returns and changes back into the handsome Prince. The Prince and Princess embrace. His horse gallops towards them and the Prince lifts her onto its back and leads her away. The Prince and Princess decide to leave the singing and ringing tree in fairyland to bring luck to whosoever finds it.

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