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The Singing Ringing Tree

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The original version of the Singing Ringing Tree ran for 73 minutes but we remember it cut into 3 parts, shown shortly before tea time on school nights in the early 1970's. We then think it made an appearance in the 1970s on Saturday morning television. According to the British Film Institute, it was made in in 1957 in East Germany and was show many times in the 60-70s on British TV. The Director was Francesco Stefani. Listed around the image above are the names of the creators and the actors who took part in the tale. I had vague memories of a poor fish flapping in a rapidly drying river, a beautiful white horse, a nasty dwarf, a bear in a cave, a girl in rags and an odd little tree. But watching this program again recently brought the memories flooding back. We hope this site will help you relive it too. A lovely old fashioned fairy tale of good triumphing over evil.

Although it was originally filmed in German, it had a monologue English voice over when transmitted on British television. The remastered version available comes with English subtitles as well as the audio track of the English 60s-70s version which was considered for a time to be lost somewhere in the archives.

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