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The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson - Part Two

Nicky leaves the old man who tells her if he is going to die would prefer to die at home with his cats. As she walks along the road she comes across a small column of Indian people pulling a few carts with what remains of their belongings. She stops the people and asks to join them but at first they refuse. She then manages to help them by telling them about the sickness and stops them from going down a road where the sick man is to be found. They allow her to join the column at the very back. Whilst Nicky is walking with them, she feels the strange feeling again accompanied with a strange noise. She feels a compelling force to destroy any machinery and tries to attack one of the men near a car. They manage to stop her and realise that she may be of use to them. In exchange for their protection and food, she must inform them of anything they do which might endanger the group. She informs them of the danger of the city and they would be better off in the countryside.

The note Nicky leaves behind - ten days she was there alone Anyone recognise this area ? The grandmother is at first not too sure of Nicky

Nicky starts to feel uneasy near the machines She is knocked to the floor after attacking one the the group She is welcomed into the group

Local villagers out to cause trouble The Indian men are not going to take this The colum decides to rest a moment

They move to more rural locations but soon encounter hostility from a local pub. One of the Indian group is struck by a stone thrown by one of the yob like villagers. The men from the Indian group armed with long sticks frighten the villagers off. Soon they make camp and Nicky goes off looking for supplies for the group. When she returns she finds that the group have decided that she must leave at the next village if they are friendly. She is told that the group fear she will be attacked like they were that morning but Nicky eventually gets to the truth. Apparently the group is concerned about the free spirit of Nicky and that it is rubbing off on some of the children in the group. She again requests to stay and they agree but they warn her that she will be in danger. When they move on Nicky begins to feel the danger feeling again. She beings to look all around her and eventually her eyes look up to the electricity pylons.

Nicky and Gopal collect some food They share everything with the others Nicky shows the Grandmother a calender

The Grandmother states that she used to look like this Everywhere is deserted

Nicky starts to feel the urge and hear the sounds again She looks up to the pylons

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