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The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson Part Seven

Davey Gordon (Mr. Gordon) knows what has happened even though Peter does not want to believe it. Mr. Gordon tries to suggest that Margaret should take Nicky's place in an effort to get her to reveal where Jonathon has gone with Nicky. Margaret's mum faints at the prospect of the stoning and so Gordon heads off to round up the village men to go after Jonathon and Nicky. Margaret is confined to her room but after a chat with her mum she leaves to warn Jonathon of Gordon's plan. Jonathon and Nicky eventually arrive at the Heartsease, a small tug like boat on the water. Margaret arrives soon after on horseback to warn them of what has transpired. Jonathon wastes no time, he gets the boat ready and starts her up. As them move along the canal, Margaret opens the locks.

Nicky is free and riding to safety with Jonathon Gordon is not far behind and interogates Margaret Margaret is confined to her room

The local villagers are off with Gordon Margaret watches from her bedroom window Jonathon's boat

Margaret arrives to warn the two Jonathon starts the boat up and sails away Margaret comes aboard

The boat Heartsease The boat Heartsease The boat Heartsease

Margaret opens the locks for the boat A good pint followed by a bout of witch hunting - what a life Jonathon has to fix a lock that will not open

Meanwhile, Davey Gordon has got wind of their plans and gets hold of some horses to aid his pursuit. He gathers his men over a bridge, under which the boat must pass. Peter, Jonathon's father has had enough of the madness and goes off to intercept his son and stop Mr. Gordon from his evil doings.

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