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The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson Part Eight

The bridge is guarded, the way out is blocked. Mr. Gordon is supremely confident he will have his witch in due course. Meanwhile back on the boat the trio discuss ways to get round the problem and get the boat clear. They even contemplate ramming the bridge with a fire riddled boat. Margaret comes up with a brilliant idea. She and Nicky exchange clothes to send the men after the wrong person.

The three friends discuss what they can do They decide upon a brilliant plan

The boat is set alight at the bow section The horse men are ordered off to pursue Nicky (Margaret in Nicky's clothing) The boat continues towards the bridge - fire now out

The boat is started towards the bridge and then set alight at the bow section (just old clothes and rope to create lots of smoke). Mr. Gordon sees the boat on fire and states that it is a judgment. The boat is deliberately veered towards the side of the bank and then Margaret disguised as Nicky jumps off. Gordon sees this and orders the men to pursue. Margaret jumps on her horse and gallops like the wind. Mr. Gordon, however remains on the bridge watching the events unfold. Peter then arrives and asks Mr. Gordon to stop this madness. Davey Gordon attacks Peter and falls off his horse and over the bridge. Gordon splashes into the deep water and does not resurface. At last the madness is over, Davey Gordon is dead (hurrah). Peter then opens the bridge to allow the little boat through safely. Margaret has already lost her pursuers and is safely away on her horse. The village men abandon the pursuit and head off back home.

Mr. Gordon attacks Peter He falls from the bridge and into the water from where he does not return Nicky and Jonathon are now free

The boat makes steady progress Suddenly it explodesNicky and Jonathon are lucky to be alive

The boat heads out to sea but the weather starts to turn nasty even though it is fine outside. Heavy thunder is heard and Nicky starts to feel uneasy again. There is something working against them, perhaps it has something to do with the fact they are moving in a piece of technology. Suddenly the engine starts to fail for no apparent reason. They drift into shore where upon Jonathon starts to repair the boat. They are soon under way again but a short while later the grinding sound starts to appear again. Suddenly the thunder comes back and the boat is truck by something unseen. There is a loud explosion and the boat is blown apart. Jonathon and Nicky only just make it the shore and safety. Nicky's foot is still sore after her fall from the cart and so she slows the walk down. She begins to think about what has happened and starts to believe that an outside force was stopping them from using the boat.

Mary gives Nicky and Jonathon tea Nicky feels quite at home

She even likes the pets Michael tells the two of the force beyond the mountains

While resting in some woods a man called Michael appears. He has caught a rabbit and offers them help since his wife was a nurse. They go back to his house where he introduces them to his wife called Mary. They eventually all start to trust each other and tell each other of their adventures. Even though it is the middle of June, there is a severe cold snap which is very odd. Michael tells them that he is convinced there is some power source just over the mountains which is responsible for all the changes. Nicky starts to think about this but does not say anything to the group.

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