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The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

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The Changes by Peter Dickinson

First shown by the BBC over thirty years (yes 30 (three zero) years) ago. This unusual piece of children's drama was originally transmitted at teatime on BBC1 at 17:20 on the dates shown below:

Episode One - "The Noise" transmitted Monday 6th January 1975

Episode Two - "The Bad Wires" transmitted Monday 13th January 1975

Episode Three - "The Devil's Children" transmitted Monday 20th January 1975

Episode Four - "Hostages" transmitted Monday 27th January 1975

Episode Five - "Witchcraft" transmitted Monday 03rd February 1975

Episode Six - "A Pile of Stones" transmitted Monday 10th February 1975

Episode Seven - "Heartsease" transmitted Monday 17th February 1975

Episode Eight - "Lightning" transmitted Monday 25 February 1975

Episode Nine - "The Quarry" transmitted Monday 03rd March 1975

Episode Ten - "The Cavern" transmitted Monday 10th March 1975

The series was a television adaptation of "The Devil's Children" which was the first of three books in "The Changes Trilogy" written by author Peter Dickinson. The other two were called "Heartsease" and "The Weathermonger" first published in 1969.

The story concerned itself with the advances humans have made at the expense of nature. Overnight something happens to the United Kingdom, a series of changes which results in the population going berserk and destroying everything which is made from machines or has technology associated with it. Bikes, cookers, televisions, cars & cranes are all smashed as the people believe they are all evil. Whenever they approach something which is the slightest bit technological a strange sound is heard and they feel an irresistible urge to destroy it. The only people who do not appear to be greatly affected by the unseen force, are those close to the earth (in terms of their job - working the land) or very young children. The overall theme of the story has two components, firstly Nicky has become separated from her parents and must find them (she believes they are in France where "The Changes" have not yet happened. The second part of the story has to do with what is actually causing or caused the supposed changes. These two themes are sometimes forgotten in the middle order episodes but return from time to time to remind us there is a point to it all. This show in its earlier episodes does have a some similarity to another 1970s show called "Survivors." That show involved people who had survived a virus pandemic which had devastated the world's population. The changes was very unique for its time because it dealt with issues such as violence and threatening behaviour yet was broadcast for children. It certainly had a lasting effect on me as I do not like the very large pylons being overhead but always relate British Rail yellow and blue trains with the series (I actually bought a Hornby OO one off Ebay simply because of the starting titles).

Nicky (played by the talented Vicky Williams) is the name of a young girl (secondary school age) who with her father and mother live in the centre of a large city. On one particular evening the trio feel and irresistible urge to gather all items of technology and destroy them. Nicky's mum and dad soon realise that they must get away to France as it should be safe there, why they believe this to be the case I do not know. Anyway to cut a long story (10 episodes), Nicky gets separated from her parents and this then starts a series of adventures, some of which are not nice at all. All the time Nicky is trying to find her parents but in the latter episodes she becomes more interested in the cause of the changes. The final episodes sees Nicky confronting the huge stone responsible for everything that has happened.

Filming apparently took place over the Summer months of 1973 during which I was eight years old. The story was filmed in various places but included the West Country, the city of Bristol and the Forest of Dean and Sharpness. The theme and incidental music (included above) was composed by Paddy Kingsland who went on to write for both the radio and television. His other well known hits also included " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and various incidental music compositions for Doctor Who stories in the early eighties.

Anyone having memories, thoughts, corrections etc. then please send them to me at the usual address. I'd especially like to hear from anyone involved in the making of the show or if anyone recognises themselves and took part in the show then please email me. All information regarding the show is welcome at the address at the top of the page.


Nicky Gore
Mrs. Gore- Nicky's mum
Mrs. Gore
Mr. Gore- Nicky's dad
Mr. Gore
A street preacher talking about the evils of the machine
Street Preacher
A kind oldman whom Nicky stops to talk with
Kind old Man
Chacha - A kind Sikh who looks after Nicky
Chacha's Grandmother who is fond of Nicky
Ajeet - becomes a friend of Nicky
A stone throwing yob outside a pub
Village pub local
Tom Pritchard - nice old man who liases with Nicky
Tom Pritchard
Barnard - not really a bad man but thinks he rules the roost
Mr. Arthur Barnard
Max - one of Barnards workers
Mrs. Sallow
Mrs. Sallow
Court secretary - basically bangs a hammer and shouts order
Court Secretary
Chief of the robbers
Chief Robber
Second robber
Second Robber
Village children
Village Child
Village children
Village Children
Village children
More Village Children
Village children
Village Children
Village children
Village Child
Man who drives cart and horse
Anne - Peter's wife
Mr. Gordon - now there's an evil looking man
Mr. Gordon
Jonathon - integral in solving the whole mystery
Margaret - helps Jonathon and Nicky escape
Jack - right hand man of Mr Davey Gordon
Village men
Shipton Village Men
Mary - friend of Nicky and Jonathon
Michael - friend of Nicky and Jonathon
Mr. Furbelow - possibly started all the changes but not a bad man
Mr. Furbelow

Episode List

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A full image listing of television may be found here

The Changes by Peter Dickinson
Adapted by Anna Home
Nicky Vicky Williams
Mrs. Gore Sonia Graham
Mr. Gore Bernard Horsfall
Preacher Clyde Pollitt
Old man Bartlett Mullins
Gopal Rugby Brar
Kewel Marc Zuber
Chacha Rafiq Anwar
Grandmother Sahab Qizilbash
Ajeet Rebecca Mascarenhas
Tom Arhtur Hewlett
Maxie James Ottoway
Barnard David King
Mrs. Sallow Nancy Gabrielle
Chief Robber Edward Brayshaw
Second Robber Derek Ware
Carter Roy Evans
Jonathon Keith Ashton
Mr. Gordon David Garfield
Peter Jack Watson
Anne Stella Tanner
Margaret Zuleika Robson
Jack Tony Hughes
Innkeeper Kenneth Gilbert
Villager Daphne Neville
Publican Godfrey Jackman
Mary Merelina Kendall
Michael Tom Chadbon
Mr. Furbelow Oscar Quitak
Fight Arranger Derek Ware
Sikh Interpreter Gopal Bhanot
Costume Pat Fisher
Makeup Jackie Fitz-Maurice
Sound Hugh Cleverley & Malcolm Campbell
Dubbing Mixer Ken Hains & Ron Edmonds
Music Paddy Kingsland
Film Editor Christopher Rowlands
Visual Effects Clifford Culley
Production Assistants Christopher Bedloe & John Kilby
Photography Henry Farrar & Peter Sargent
Designer Paul Munting
Producer Anna home
Director John Prowse
BBC Colour © BBC 1975

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits

The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits The Changes - End Credits