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The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson The Changes by Peter Dickinson

The Changes by Peter Dickinson Part Five

The robbers are routed and everyone is safe. The villagers make friends with the Brooker's Farm group and all seems to be well. The local children and Brooker's farm children all play together and Nicky and Gopal notice that the young children do not seem to be bothered by playing near machines.

The robbers are defeated All is well in the village and at Brooker's farm Nicky is still a little unhappy

The Grandmother gives Nicky a few bracelets of hers Time for Nicky to say goodbye Nicky leaves via horse and cart in search of her Aunt's house

Later Chacha speaks to Nicky about the fact she is unhappy and that she should try to find her Aunt who lives not too far away. The next day she is to leave in search of her Aunt's house. Everyone is sad to see her go. Nicky leaves with one of the villagers on a horse and cart. The roads are pretty bad full of pot-holes especially with no council maintenance (nothing new there then) and all of a sudden the cart crashes to the ground as a wheel comes off. Nicky is hurt and the cart's owner goes off on horse back for help. He is away a long time during which Nicky wakes up and gathers her belongings before going on her way. She is not well and appears to be suffering from a mild concussion. She soon arrives at a large farm and enters one of the buildings in order to rest. She goes unnoticed by the farm owners. They are busy with their own problems. The owner of the farm has become friendly with an evil man who spends all his time hunting for witches and wickedness. The farmer's wife and grown up children totally disagree with the witch hunter but keep quiet through fear of what he may do to them.

The cart crumbles as a wheel falls off due to the poor condition of the track At the farm Margaret and her mum talk about their miserable life with Mr. Gordon the local witch hunter. Peter the farm owner arrives home for supper

Margaret wants her father to see less of Mr. Gordon Nicky wakes up in an old shed, still not quite herself Mr. Gordon hears the tractor noise

Nicky is captured and bound Nicky is put on trial Mr. gordon accuses her of witchcraft

The locals agree Nicky is found guilty of being a witch and for causing all manner of problems in the village.

The next morning Nicky wakes up unsure of where she is. She stumbles against a tractor and accidentally drops the hand brake. The tractor moves forward and hits some old empty churns. The witch finder hears the noises and eventually catches and binds Nicky's hands. He says she is a witch to have been in the presence of such evil. Nicky is put on trial for being a witch and the local villagers find her guilty. Peter the farm owner and his son Jonathon are uneasy about the verdict as she, Nicky, is just a young girl.

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