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Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

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Emlyn's Moon

Episode One - The Move

Gwyn Griffiths and Nia Lloyd are very sad. Nia has been living on the mountain side at Ty Llyr which was a cottage close to Gwyn Griffiths farm. It was now time for her family (the Lloyds) to move back to the town as her family now owned a butcher's shop. Nia was extremely unhappy about this. Whilst descending the mountain, Gwyn shows Nia Arianwen (his Snow Spider). Gwyn even allows Nia to hold the little silvery spider. She now realises that Gwyn is indeed a true magician when he recounted the tale of how he came to possess the little Arachnid. Nia promises not to tell anyone the event but was still very sad to go. She had been tending a small garden with bright flowers. She felt at last she had found something she was good at. Everyone else always teases her about being the middle child in a group of seven and that she didn't know anything. Nia and Gwyn go to see Gwyn's grandmother, Nain. She instantly recognises the little girl as a descendant of some famous Welsh family. Gwyn does not know what Nain was talking about and so the pair head off to the Landrover waiting to transport them into town. Nia reluctantly climbs inside and waves good bye to Gwyn and his mother. Gwyn's father also waves them off but still has time to say "to leave all this for a butchers shop in the town." He obviously disapproves of the buying and the move.

Nia at Ty Llyr Gwyn tells Nia of how he came to have Arianwen The farm

Nia does not weant to leave Time to move Griffiths and Lloyd in conversation

Gwyn goes back to see his grandmother who was outside gardening. Nain tries to comfort him and says that she (Nia) could not really stay. Gwyn replies that it was wrong to take her away as she belongs here. Suddenly a strange cold wind blows down from the mountain and Gwyn looks at his Grandmother and asks what was that all about.

In Pendew town the Landrover is stuck in a huge traffic jam probably being caused by tourists. Nia opens the back door of the Landrover and leans out to watch a young boy Emlyn who is working in the Chapel (not a place or worship now but an art studio). Emlyn smiles but Nia is thrown back in the Landrover as it accelerates forward. Inside the vehicle, her father is not very pleased with Nia for opening the door. She is asked why she did it and she tells them about the Chapel. Alun explains that it is a bad place, Gwyn had told him so. Something bad had happened there but did not know what. Emlyn now lives with his Dad.

The town of Pendewi Nia nearly falls out of the back Emlyn smiles at her

At the new Butcher's shop, Nia is teased by her brothers who repeatedly state she cannot do anything right (Nia can't do nothing they say) . Nia goes up to her new bedroom, she is still missing the farm and the little garden. She finds an old chest belonging to her mother and decides to dress up in some of the clothes. One dress is very long and flowery and so she puts it on along with mum's special shoes and hat. She then takes the family dog, Fly for a walk in the town. In town Fly is a strong dog and Nia bumps into several people as Fly drags her through the shop. She sees Emlyn going into a newsagents and so follows him inside. Inside she trips up and knocks over some cans. Emlyn pays for them and walks her outside.

They go back to the Chapel (Aluns words keep repeating in her head). The pair go inside and Nia thinks it is beautiful. Emlyn takes the dog out back for a drink while his father decides to sketch Nia in her colourful dress and hat. She stays for tea and we learn that Emlyn is Gwyn's (Griffiths) cousin. As soon as Emlyn's father states this, a cold wind rushes in again and Nia suggests that someone has cast a spell. Emlyn's father does not look bothered by this strange comment.

Back on the mountain Gwyn is with his grandmother. She asks him what is going on. He replies how should he know but she reminds him that he is the magician and asks if he has been casting spells. He says he has not but that his hands keep on tingling as if something was about to happen.

Back at the chapel, Nia and Emlyn leave as Nia has to return home and it is very, very late. Emlyns dad smiles and waves them off but after they have gone his smile melts away and he returns inside to continue with his work.

The new shop The boys do not want to move boxes Nia in a strange dress

Nia, Emlyn and Fly Village hill The Lloyd's Chapel door

Emlyn asks Nia if he can buy Fly off Nia's dad. Nia asks Emlyn where his mother is. Emlyn looks up at the sky and says that she is in the moon. Nia returns with Fly to the new home. She hears voices inside and carefully moves through the hall but she is heard by her mum. They had all been very worried, so worried that they had asked Gwyn and his father to come and help look for Nia She was very silly to have been out all day without telling anyone where she was going. Nia tries to explain where she had been but her father and Gwyn's father do not look happy about it especially when she mentions the Chapel. Gwyn is surprised to hear that Emlyn is his cousin as he has not seen or spoken to him for years ever since a family problem erupted. Nia then sees her father give Fly to Gwyn's father and tries to stop it. Tool late she is told, the dog is a working dog and so is to be brought to the Griffiths farm. Nia reflects on the terrible day she has had.

The next day at school, Emlyn asks Nia about the dog. Gwyn tries to explain but is told by Emlyn to shut up and keep out of his affairs. Gwyn asks what he has done but Emlyn says ask your father and then runs off upset. He is then seen upset outside the school gates.

Inside the Chapel - the artists studio Mr. Llewelyn sketches Nia Nia's father is furious when she returns

Nia's mum takes off the hat and dress Nia misses Gwyn Time for tea at the Lloyd's house

Nia's father is still mad at her Emlyn does not like Gwyn Gwyn, ALun and Nia talk about Emlyn

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Emlyn's Moon
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Emlyn's Moon - Episode Four

Emlyn's Moon

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