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Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

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Emlyn's Moon

Episode Five - The Orchard of the Moon

Nia does not immediately follow Gwyn and Alun. She remians in her bedroom and attempts to cut up her project up until Gwyn storms back in and stops her. Emlyn needs us he tells her. Gwyn has cleared it with her parents for Nia to go to the Chapel. "Sell sand to an arab that Gwyn Griffiths" says Nia's father. What a way with words he has (obviously Gwyn has used some of his magic powers on them). The two children enter the Chapel to find it empty. Gwyn remembers the last time he was there when he and Emlyn were friends. Gwyn finds Arianwen. He tells Nia that the pale children they saw in the web were the same children who had been sent by Bethan to take him away some time ago. Part of Gwyn wanted to go with her but the other part wanted to stay where he belonged. Gwyn and Nia now know the pale children are here to collect someone. They think that as Emlyn has nothing to stay for, the pale children will attempt totake him away like his sister Bethan. The only thing that Emlyn would stay for would be his mother and younger brother. Nia tells Gwyn that Emlyn thinks his mother is in the Moon but Gwyn states that she is not (nor is she currently with Bethan). Gwyn knows his father knows the location of Emlyn's mother. Gwyn instructs Nia to put on the dress and uses the power of Arianwen to reveal an image from the past. Gwyn tells Nia to move towards the web and remain still. Nia sees images of life before the fire and then after it. Nia knows where Emlyn's mother has gone, to stay at the "Orchard of the Moon." Emlyn only heard half of the story his mother tried to tell him. She is living in the valley where the cold star flowers grow. Gwyn instructs Nia to step back towards his voice and as she does the spider web falls apart.


Gareth is home after breaking his leg at school Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd have been told by Gwyn that both he and Nia are going to the chapel. Gwyn finds Arianwen

Gwyn has not been in the Chapel for a very long time Arianwen spins another web Gwyn tells Nia to put on emlyn's mother's dress

Nia starts to see images from the past and future Nia has to touch the web to really see the plight of Emlyn

Emlyn is in trouble Under Gwyn's instructions, Nia moves back from the web

Gwyn decides they must go to the valley and bring back his Aunt before it is too late for Emlyn. On their way out they bump into Emlyn's father who is not best pleased. He is even less pleased when Gwyn states he is going to find his wife (Aunt Eleanor) something he (Mr. Llewelyn) should have done a long time ago. Gwyn leaves with Nia and is intercepted by Gwyn's father who gives them a lift back to the farm. Gwyn and Nia head over the mountain towards the little cottage with the orchard of cold shiny flowers.

Mr. Llewelyn is not pleased. He has not seen Emlyn for over two days - so why is he not out looking or calling the police Gwyn and Nia arrive at the Flower Cottage

As Gwyn suspected, he finds his Aunt Elinor, Emlyn's mum living there Emlyn's mum is not firing on all thrusters and lives there secretly. Only mr. & Mrs. Griffiths know she is there

The pair arrive and knock at the door. Gwyn's aunt instantly recognises him. The pair tell her of the problem with Emlyn. The Aunt does not want to leave. She only recives visitors from Gwyn's Mum and Dad. They are doing fine. Nia asks if it was her who tended the garden and the Aunt says that it was sad to see Ty Llyr go to ruin so she and her youngest son tended the garden each day. Gwyn asks where the flowers came from as they had never seen them before and the Aunt tells him that young girl appeared in the winter, a bit like Bethan but fairer. She planted the flowers and said that when they grow after the snow had gone. She also said that they will always know where we are because of the flowers. Gwyn asks for the girls name and it turns out to be Edlis. Gwyn looks alarmed.
They leave Aunt Eleanor and Gwyn tells Nia that Edlis was really Bethan. They go to see Nain. She asks Gwyn if the pale children will use the youngest of Aunt Elinor to entice Emlyn to the planet. Gwyn is afraid they will lose two boys.

Later Gwyn and Nai go back up the mountain. Nain intercepts them and tells them the pale children are already on the mountain. They need to hurry. When Nia and Gwyn arrive back at the cottage a mist appears to try to stop them. Then the ground shakes as the pair see the pale children near Emlyn. He is walking towards the little cottage unware of what is really going on. Nia looks for Gwyn but he has vanished. Suddenly Gwyn appears larger and in a cloak speaking ancient words. Two of the flowers enlarge and from them spring two warriors with swords and shields. The warriors create a flaming wall in between the pale children and Emlyn. Gwyn then returns and tells Nia he needs her help. At first Nia says she is nothing but Gwyn tells her she is the only one who can help him. As the pair attempt to pull Emlyn away from the fire (which is an illusion), the pale children turn to light and vanish in to the air. Gwyn and Nia pull Emlyn to a safe distance. The ground around them shakes and then the roof slates are ripped off the little cottage but the pale children have now gone back to their own world. The huge starship galleon is seen flying off back to the Ice planet, this time with no extra passengers.

Nia and Gwyn speak with Nain Mr. Llewelyn is still looking for his son Emlyn Nain tells the two to find Emlyn as quickly as possible as she has seen the pale children

Emlyn has found the flower cottage shown the way by the pale children Gwyn turns into the Gwyn the magician as he halts the developments Gwyn casts a spell to block the pale children in their attempt to get Emlyn

Two ancient warriors appear and create a line fire The line of fire grows larger The fire wall blocks Emlyn and the pale children

Gwyn and Nia pull Emlyn back to safety and away from the pale children The pale children realise they have lost and so return to their home In the sky, the sailing ship that took Bethan is seen floating away

Nain gets Mr Lloyd and Mr. Griffiths to look for Nai and Gwyn just as some huge bolts of ligthning come down off the mountain. All the three children are knocked to the ground but Gwyn has been hurt the most. Eventually all come off the mountain with help. Nia sees Gwyn who tells her that the could not have saved Emlyn without her.

Gwyn is off from school for sevral days while he recovers from the ordeal. Emlyn remembers everything and knows that his mother is still alive and staying with the Griffiths. Nia has finished her project but is not sure that is it ready. She feels as though something is still missing from it. She talks to Emlyn in the playground about it.

A few days later, Nain invites all the families around for tea. Nain reminds Mr Lloyd about something he has been thinking about. He suddenly has a bright idea. He does not really need the cottage Ty Llyr that Nia had been growing flowers next to. He offers it to Aunt Eleanor and Mr. Llewelyn. Mr. Llewelyn can afford it as London really liked his picture and have commissioned more. Mr Lewelyn thnks it is a great idea as he can use the Chapel for work and then come home afterwards. Mr Griffiths says that it will be good to have neighbours again and shakes Mr. Llewelyn's hand. Nia goes back to work on her project as it has to be handed in the next day. She finishes it off with two very special gold flowers and a little girl in the middle of it all.

Nain has her boy back, although he worn out with the magic he produced Gwyn tells Nia that he could not have done it without her help All is right at school now between Nia, Gwyn and Emlyn, although Gwyn is still off school for several days

Nain invites all three families around for tea Mrs. Llewelyn can no longer stay at the flower cottage as the roof was ripped off in the struggle between Gwyn, Nia and the pale children The three children wonder what Nain is planning

Mr. Lloyd offers the Llewelyns the cottage of Ty Llyr so they can be together again Mr. Griffiths is pleased to have a new neighbour Nain is pleased that she has two children with magical powers.

The next day the whole school gathers to see what won first prize. Nia's is a master piece states the teacher and will hang in the main hall for all time to come. The teacher is extremely pleased with her work and asks her to come up front for her certificate and prize. All of the children are astonished to see Nia do something right and wonderful.

Nia goes back to work on her school project Nia thinks something is missing The day of the prize giving for the best school project - the teacher shows what he thinks is a masterpiece to the other children

Nia realises hers has won but the other children cannot believe it Nia goes up to receive her award The three friends look up at the sky

At the end of the school day, Gwyn, Nia, and Emlyn look up at the moon and wonder......

And so ends another great piece of childrens drama. No requirement for special makeup or serious CGI. Why they cannot make them like this anymore, I do not know. My children have watched it and loved every minute of it so it has nothing to do with the demands of today's generation. Probably a matter of it being cheaper to buy in cartoon rubbish from abroad. Keep a look out for the third and final installment "The Chestnut Solider" coming soon to Little Gems.

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