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Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

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Emlyn's Moon

Episode Four - The Wrong Reflection

Nain and Nia are in the kitchen preparing to dye the white fabric red. Arianwen appears on Nain's hair. Nia is told that she must use her power to reunite two boys fighting over something that is not their argument. Nia spends the rest of the holiday on her project and thoroughly has a good time. However eventually it is time for the holiday to end and Nia is driven back to town. When she goes into her bedroom she unpacks her school project and find Arianwen on it. She puts the spider in black jewel box and goes off to see Emlyn. At first he is a bit cold towards her but his father talks to Nia. She tells him the trouble she caused, first the dog, then the vegetarian and then the lace. Mr. Llewelyn finds this very amusing and offers Nia some fabrics, one of which looks likes his wife's dress. Emlyn looks unhappy about Nia taking it but does not object verbally. Emlyn, however, refuses to walk Nia home though. She takes it home and finds Arianwen is out of her box. Nia tries on the dress and looks in the mirror. It is not her reflection looking back. She screams and then the image vanishes. Later that night whilst in bed, Nia smells roses again. She calls out to Bethan but nothing happens.

Nia and Gwyn know something id very wrong but they do not know what ArianwenMr. Llewelyn painting the Chapel door

Nia tells them all about her bad day with Fly, the lace curtain and the argument with her father.. Mr. Llewelyn gives her an old dress that belonged to Emlyn's mother Emlyn is still not happy with Nia for not telling him about Fly Nia puts on the old dress and  sees Arianwen's web being spun

Nia sees  Emlyn's mother as she was when she wore the dress Nia gets a fright and screams. Catrin comes to comfort her. Arianwen goes back to the box

The next day after school Nia tells Emlyn that she thinks she saw his mother in the mirror. Emlyn tells her that the dress caught fire and burnt his mum while she rescued the baby. Later on his mum set fire to all his fathers pictures blaming them for the fire. Nia gives Arianwen to Emlyn. He puts it in his bag and goes home.

In the evening after bedtime, Nia continues to work on her picture. It is really coming along now. She again hears singing as does Nain. Nain had thought it was Gwyn using magic but he tells her that Arianwen has gone off again on another journey. He does not know that Arianwen is really with Emlyn having been given via Nia. At the chapel, Emlyn sees a web form and then his mum appears within it. She calls to him beckoning him to come to her. He opens a window outside and sees several white forms beckoning him to come to them. They look like very pale children. Before Emlyn can do anything, the pale children vanish into the night air. Emlyn cries out to them to come back but they fade away.

After school the next day, Emlyn talks to Nia on the bridge. He looks up at the mountain. It all has to do with that mountain. Later he decides to go for a walk up in the hills. He again sees the forms of pale children beckoning him to follow them. He hears them calling him. As he follows he hears a voice shouting him back but Emlyn ignores it and follows the pale children. As quickly as they had appeared though they have gone again and so Emlyn runs up the mountain. Meanwhile Nia turns up at the chapel and tells his father that he should be worried about Emlyn. She also says a few things she should not including the fact that he cares more for his work than family and no wonder his wife left him. At first Mr. Llewelyn looks angry but he is only annoyed that he will not finish the work he has been commissioned to do. Nia leaves in search of Emlyn.

Mrs. Lloyd reads the children a bedtime story The village bridge Nia and Emlyn talk

Emlyn tells Nia about the fire and the night his mother vanished Emlyn's mum has had enough and burns her husband's work Nia shows Arianwen to Emlyn

Nis tells Emlyn to take the spider Later tha night Nia is working on her school project again when she again smells roses Meanwhile Emlyn sees Arianwen's web showing him his mother

Emlyn looks out of the window and sees some pale children telling him to follow The children get clearer and louder trying to persuad Emlyn to go with them

At school Nia lies to Gwyn about Arianwen. Gwyn is relieved Arianwen has been found but Nia does not really tell him that she gave the spider to Emlyn. Emlyn sees Nia talking to Gwyn and storms off. Back at the bedroom Nia tells Gwyn about the spider and that she gave it to Emlyn. Gwyn realises something is not right especially when Nia tells him about the reflection in the mirror. Gwyn, Alun and Nia take the dress and go off in search of Emlyn.


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Emlyn's Moon
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Emlyn's Moon - Episode Four

Emlyn's Moon

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