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Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

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Emlyn's Moon

Episode Two - The Fight

Nia is having some work marked at school and the teacher (Mr. James) is very annoyed. He threatens her with being sent back to the nursery class if it does not improve. The other children in the class laugh at this. He tells her she needs to work hard. He wonders what she will be doing her project on. Nia is all over the place and gets into even more bother when she is asked about the dog by Emlyn. She still has not told him about the Griffiths taking the dog. Emlyn also wants her to go back home with after school as his Dad wants to finish the portrait. Nia tells him that she cannot wear the clothes again as her parents have taken them. Emlyn says it does not matter but she must bring the dog. Nia tries to tell Emlyn but he runs off to the other side of the playground. Later at tea Nia finishes early and asks to go outside. Her mum does not want her to go near the chapel but Nia disobeys. Nia also finds the old dress and takes it with her. On arriving Emlyn is disappointed not see the dog. Nia lied about the dog and tells him that her father is still thinking about it. Emlyn tells Nia that his father is in a bad mood as he has a commission to do worth £1000 from someone in London. Nia has some soup and tells them about her school project (or lack of it). Mr. Llewelyn suggests she makes a picture out of stitching etc. Emlyn gives her more ideas for rivers and clouds. Nia is overjoyed as she is good at that sort of thing. Mr. Llewelyn goes to get a canvas for her and whilst he is moving pictures out of the way, Nia catches sight of one which Emlyn did. It shows a woman in the middle of a crescent Moon and it looks beautiful. He tells Nia that it is a painting of his Mum. Nia then sees another one done by Emlyn, two years after she went away. Nia does not like it at all and turns away. The picture is very morbid with dull colours.

Nia is in trouble The children laugh at poor Nia More children in the class

Emlyn does no speak to Gwyn The Lloyd's at home Nia wants to go out

Nia at the Chapel with Emlyn and his father A painting of Emlyn's mother in the Moon Emlyn walks Nia home

At Gwyn's home Gwyn is watching the sky. His grandmother approaches and he tells her that something is very wrong, something is about to happen. His grandmother says it will be hard but Gwyn will find a way to put things right. A wrong has been done but she does not know what it is all about.

Niaasks Emlyn about his mum and how could she be in the Moon. Emlyn tells her that is what his mum said to him. He tells her that times were harder in the past and that his mum wanted a proper home safe for children to play. She did not want to live like a gypsy. His mum hated the work of his father and left in the night after a huge row. His mother had tried to take Emlyn with her but Emlyn would not leave his father alone and as a result his mother said one last sentence to him:

"Yr Hanner Lleuad - the half moon."

That was all Emlyn had heard because the wind was blowing a gale outside. He and his father did not see her (Eleanor) or the baby boy again. Emlyn only saw her being taken away by Gwyn's father in his Landrover. That is the reason he blames Gwyn and will have nothing to do with him. Emlyn walks Nia all the way home this time as he says there are spooks in the air.
Nia goes to bed but cannot sleep. She gets up and takes out her blank canvass sheet and puts it on the ground. She then tries to think about what to do for her project but cannot come up with any ideas. She looks out at the Moon and When she glances back at the floor, shadows are dancing on her canvas. Butterflies and flowers are moving like dark shadows back and forth. She runs to get some cloth material and a needle to start her work. With all the noise she makes, Catrin comes and quietly tells her to go back to bed.

Nia looks at the night sky Nia starts her school prject and sees shadows

More shadows appear giving Nia ideas Catrin tells Nia to go back to bed

Nia is up bright and early and looks through her mothers clothes to get more material for her project. Her mum then ushers them all off to school. Later in the playground Nia is looking at colours for trees when Emlyn approaches her and calls her a cheat. He has found out that Fly has been given to the Griffiths. He is not happy as she has made a fool out of him. He has even bought a lead and goes to throw it at Nia but Gwyn intervenes. It strikes him in the face. Emlyn runs off and Gwyn calls after him. Gwyn chases him into an old graveyard. There the two fight, Gwyn falls and transforms himself into a large adult with a shiny cloak. Electricity and energy fly from his hands. Nia watches all of this. Emlyn is terrified but then runs off after knocking Gwyn down when he returns to normal. Nia and Gwyn walk back to the school and talk about Emlyn and the Moon. Nia tells him that Emlyn thinks Gwyn's father stole his mother. Gwyn now realises what some of the problems are being caused by. Back at the school Emlyn has not turn up and to make matters worse, Gareth (Nia's brother) has fallen and broken his leg. Nia is very upset about it.

Nia looks for more fabric Emlyn is furious when he finds out Fly has been given away to the Griffiths Emlyn throws the dog lead at Nia but it hits Gwyn

Emlyn runs into an old church ground followed by Gwyn and Nia Nia looks for Gwyn and Emlyn Gwyn transforms himself into a huge magician

Energy bolts come out of his hands but Gwyn does not harm Emlyn Gwyn meets up with Nia The two talk about Emlyn

Back at the school, Gareth has been hurt Nia still has not spoken to or seen emlyn - He did not return to school

Back at Gwyn's grandmothers house, Nain is furious with Gwyn for using his powers (even though he did not actually harm Emlyn). Nain is also on the side of Emlyn whom she believes has had a wrong done unto him. She tells Gwyn to get all the facts in front of him before making judgments. Gwyn storms off but not before Nain warns him about his anger.



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