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Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon

Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon Emlyn's Moon

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Emlyn's Moon

Episode Three - Cold Flowers

Nia is on the bathroom floor trying to put together her project. She is not really doing very well. Later after school Emlyn walks right by Nia totally ignoring her. Nia makes her way to where Catrin is having a music lesson, She asks to go in with her. Nia is not interested in the music though. She has seen some lace curtain and cuts off a section of it. Later at tea she announces she is to become a vegetarian. Her father is not happy and has a real go at her. How can he a butcher have a daughter who does not eat meat. He thinks if will be bad for business. Whilst arguing over the meat on her plate, Nia wants some cheese, a Mrs. Oliver arrives at the house. She is furious having discovered her lace curtains missing certain bits. Nia brings the missing pieces down it and gets a telling off from everyone. Nia goes upstairs very unhappy. Later her mum comes to see her and tells here that even though she is to be punished with no pocket money for a month (to pay for the damage), Nia has been invited back to Gwyn's house for the entire school holidays.

Breakfast time at the Lloyds Mum is in a good mood - which will change completely as the day progresses The school bus

Catrin is going for music lesson at Mrs. Olivers Mrs. Oliver and Catrin Nia cuts the patterns she needs off the lace curtains - boy is she going to be in trouble

Mr. Lloyd is furious when Nia tells him she does not like meat, after all he is a butcher Mrs. Oliver is mad and upset after finding her lace curtains Poor Nia - but then again she only had herself to blame

Nia's punishment is no pocket money for a month However, Mum has a surprise - Nia can go and stay at the Griffiths for the holidays

After school breaks up Nia, Alun and Iolo have arrived at the Griffith's farm. Gwyn's mum shows Nia into Bethan's old bedroom (Gwyn's sister who vanished in the Snow Spider).
Mum is very happy to have a young girl in the house again as she still misses terribly Bethan. As Nia puts her clothes away she smell roses and in the mirror she sees Bethan looking back at her. Startled, she turns round to see if anyone is behind her but sees nothing.
Later Nia visits her little garden at "Ty Llyr" that she had started before she had to move. She finds that someone has built a small wall and been taking care of the plants and weeding. Nia asks who could have done this. Nain tells her that she has not and neither has Gwyn nor Gwyn's Mum and Dad. Mrs. Griffiths does though recall that Bethan loved flower gardens. Later on the children all head up the mountain but the two boys Gwyn and Alun do not notice when Nia heads off in another direction. From the other side of the mountain Nia spies a lovely little house with what looks like shiny blossom in the garden. She could really do with some of that for her school project. Nia heads down to investigate. There she picks up a small flower (it feels like ice) but shines like a star, she puts it in her hair and calls out to the home owner. No one replies (even though smoke is coming out of the chimney). Nia then starts to feel uneasy. She makes her way back through the woods but is still very concerned but not sure about what. While talking to herself she hears a voice (the same voice of Mr. Llewelyn. Before she can further investigate she hears the boys calling her name. The trio meet up and Nia shows them the flower and they notice how it is similar to the Arianwen (Alun had seen Arianwen many times before in the Snow Spider story) . Gwyn's father warns Nia not to go back to that house in the valley. Nia asks Gwyn why there are so many places they cannot go to e.g. the Chapel, the flower cottage. Gwyn shrugs his shoulders.

Nia arrives at the farm with Alun and Iolo, I wonder why the twins were not invited Bethan's old room Nia sees Eirlys in the mirror

Nia finds her little flower garden has been looked after and a new wall constructed A flower cottage on the other side of the mountain Nia picks a flower - cold as ice but bright as the stars

Nia starts to feel worried Gwyn and Alun search for Nia The chilfdren walk back for tea

Later Emlyn calls round for Nia at her home in town and is annoyed to find she has gone to stay with Gwyn. Nerrys (one of Nia's elder sisters) is not the friendliest individual and Emlyn does not like her one bit. Nia meantime is working on her school project again. She hears a gently singing outside and goes to look out the window. At Nain's house, she also hears it and says "no, no, not.. not again." At the Chapel, Emlyn can also hear it but his father cannot. The next morning, Nia decides she needs a red fabric for some Poppies but Gwyn's mum does not have any. Instead she gives Nia an old shirt of Gwyns and suggests going to see Nain as she can dye it for her. Nia and Gwyn arrive at Nain's house. Nain takes Nia and Gwyn inside and gives them a drink. Nia shows her the flower she took from the little cottage garden on the other side of the mountain. Nain states that it is not of this earth and looks very unsettled about it. Gwyn takes out Arianwen and the little silver spider uses the mirror to show images of Bethan in the past. Gwyn tells Nia that Bethan wanted to go back to the Planet of Ice to another world and there she remains. Nain tells Nia that she has some power in her if only she would look hard to find it.


Nain is worried as well Nia shows Nain and Gwyn the flower Arianwen weaves a web with images

Nia is afraid of what she sees Arianwen Nain tells the children that this flower is not from this Earth

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